Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer

I was given two of these Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors in a set at Christmas. They were all the rage a few months prior, but I had never got around to buying them as I thought they might be a little expensive for what they actually are. However, now I'm the proud owner of two I am a very happy girl indeed. They were completely worth the hype and in my eyes worth the money - but perhaps not to everyone. Let me explain.

I'll start by telling you why this product is a winning lip product to me. Made with great ingredients such as Shea Butter, Wild Mango, Vitamin A and E, this product helps to repair any damage whilst softening and smoothing out your lips. It's gel-like constancy creates a mirror shine that can be emphasised or not depending on how much you put on. It doesn't feel sticky or tacky on the lips which is a huge point for me when it comes to gloss products. Simply making your lips look fuller and more kissable is one of the main aspects of this perfector - and it does perfect. The subtle colour in this product smooths out my lips to make them look a lot more flawless and dare I say, photoshopped.

The applicator is incredibly easy to use. A gentle squeeze of the tube pumps the product up through the sponge top which can then be applied directly to your lips. It's incredibly easy to control how much or how little you want to apply, so you are always left with the desired look you were after.

I like to wear a lot of product to begin with, as I find that the high gloss wet shine sinks in quite quickly. Whilst this does mute it slightly, you are always left with shiny lips that look healthy throughout the day. It simply turns more into a lip balm texture which is partly why I like it so much, being a major lover of all things balm.

It's hassle-free and that's why I like this product so much. It creates the colour I want, with the shine I desire from a tacky-free product and helps to smooth out and repair my lips at the same time. All of these things are exactly what my lips desire. I couldn't think of a way to improve this had I been given the opportunity myself.

But perhaps other people don't mind so much about sticky lips and want that wet-glossy shine all day long. Therefore this perhaps isn't the product for them and may not be worth the high price tag. But for me this is exactly what I want and when I've finished using the two sample sizes of the product I will no doubt go back and invest in another to reside in my handbag where this one stays, so I can use it on a daily basis. It's simply my handbag hero.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer - Currently £15.80 (Usually £18) from Escentual 

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