Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Selfridges Enchanted Spells Beauty Advent Calendar - Armani Code For Women

There were certainly some ups and downs for me with the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar last year. One of the particular highs was this Armani Code for Women perfume. One of my best friends wears the male version of this and I quite like the smell, so I was very interested to see how this version would compare. In honesty it actually smells a lot like the male version which is quite nice considering sometimes male perfume smells better than female ones. I loved this sample so much that I actually received the full sized bottle at Christmas and have been wearing it a lot ever since.

The bottle is really sleek and again very similar to the men's bottle. It's got a unique little twist to the glass which makes it fit in your palm perfectly. The flowers were no doubt added to give the packaging an extra feminine edge, where the men's bottle is just plain black.

As always, I will jot the perfumes notes down for you below as I am absolutely terrible at describing scents. Hopefully this will help you to match notes to ones in perfumes you already like.

Top Notes - Jasmine, Italian Orange and Bitter Orange
Middle Notes - Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Ginger
Bottom Notes - Honey, Vanilla and Sandalwood

I would say the notes that come through the most are ginger and orange. I couldn't quite put my finger on the scent before reading the notes but now I know it's orange, I can recognise it perfectly. Having said that, it's not one where you smell instantly zingy. Don't worry, you wont be walking around smelling like a fruit bowl. It's just a very citrusy, fresh scent with an edge of spice coming from the ginger. I think this combination makes for a perfect fragrance as it's both interesting and deep. As the fragrance warms up the honey starts to come through and the vanilla warms it up a little.

I honestly think this pair of perfumes would make lovely Valentine's Day presents, if you're looking for something for your other half and they're looking for you. They compliment each other perfectly and are more on the affordable side as far as designer perfumes go.

Armani Code for Women Gift Set - £29.99 for 30ml+75ml Body Lotion from The Perfume Shop

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