Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Birchbox Review - Pixi Shea Butter Lip in Honey Nectar

I love me some lip balms. In fact I would probably go as far to say that lip balms are my personal favourites in the add-ons of the beauty world - not including the likes of foundation and concealer.

So having said that I am sure you can understand why I was thrilled to get a balm in last month's Birchbox and one I knew nothing about too.

Although I have heard of Pixi as a brand before and tried out their classic Glow Tonic when it went viral a few years back, I have never really tried any of their makeup products. Therefore I was excited to get the chance to experience this side of the brand first hand with a product I will really get use out of.

The name of the lip balm instantly made me think of moisture. Shea Butter tend to be quite nourishing so this product held promise from the start. Hydration is just what I need to save my lips from the cold harsh weather we have outside.

The colour was very appealing too - a my lips but better shade that I could definitely get on board with.

The packaging, although nice, frustrated me a little. The twist up mechanism isn't very tight and therefore the product kept winding itself back down every time I tried to apply it. I'm not sure if this is a fault of mine or if all of these lip balms have the same issue. Either way it certainly made application slightly more challenging, but nothing that would put me off using this!

Over all the formulation is very nice and one I really enjoy wearing. Although it isn't the most moisturising lip product I own, the sheer colour is beautiful and leaves your lips with a subtle and healthy sheen. It has become my go-to product for everyday wear without fail.

I would certainly recommend it to fellow lip balm lovers, although it is advised that reapplication is certainly needed to keep the hydration throughout the day.

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Honey Nectar - £7.04 from Beautybay

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Book Worm #21 Break In Two by MJ Summers

The Edge of Beauty is certainly looking more and more like a book review website at the moment. But I have just read MJ Summer's first book in the Full Hearts Series, Break in Two, and fell in love with it so much that I had to tell you about it.

This has to be one of the best romance books that I've read. I would go as far to say that this novel rivals the likes of Nicholas Sparks books and the best of the best in this genre. I couldn't get enough of all of the characters and expect you will feel the same after reading this.

Claire has just had her heart broken by her idiot ex, Antonio. Fleeing their house after he never came home lead Claire to Colorado and her new job at a ranch there as head chef.

Little did Claire know that one of the perks of the job was an insanely hot boss. When Claire is working and living in the same place, she knows how dangerous it can be to add play into the equation as well. But there's something about Cole that draws her in - she just can't keep away.

 When Cole reveals he feels the same, things get heated very quickly. Not knowing each other for very long, they suddenly get in very deep and have to deal with some real life-changers. Will their love last or will it be gone as quick as it came?

Cole was such a compelling character, as was Claire. They both share an incredible bond in the book which is emphasised by MJ's fantastic use of descriptive language. You are made to feel like you're part of their lives and living every day with them - not knowing what will happen next just like they don't. I definitely felt like the book had enough twists and turns to always keep you on your toes and wondering what would happen next, just like a good Nicholas Sparks book would have.

The magic of MJ's writing is really in her style. It flows so incredibly well, which makes reading the book even more enjoyable than it already was. She certainly gave the impossible-to-put-down factor with this book. I can't even remember the last time I finished a book and sincerely wanted there to be a second novel straight away.

Unfortunately with the way this book ended, there wasn't really a line up for a sequel Claire and Cole. However, another character called Luc has been carried on to create the second book in the Full Hearts Series called Breaking Love. I am currently reading that one and will review it very soon. But let's be honest, if it's anything near as good as Break in Two I am going to be singing MJ Summer's praises from the rooftop. I'm addicted to her books and can't wait to get going on the rest of this series.

Break in Two by MJ Summers* - £7.10 for Paperback/£2.99 for Kindle version from Amazon

Monday, 24 November 2014

NOTD - Girl Talk by Nicole by OPI

How beautiful is this shade? It's absolutely perfect for this time of year. I love burgundy all year round but especially at Christmas, or just before when the leaves are falling and everything feels autumnal.

I've never tried a Nicole by OPI shade before (Nicole being Nicole Scherzinger), but have plenty of experience with OPI and love their formulation. This polish is no different. I wore it for over a week before it started chipping which is incredible considering how hard on I am on my nails at times. It looked incredibly glossy which made the overall look a lot more professional. But that was further aided by a great shaped brush, meaning that the application was easy to do neatly and with precision.

I genuinely love this polish. It's sold for such a reasonable price too which always helps. I'll definitely be interested in getting some more of these polishes in the future.

Girl Talk by Nicole by OPI* - £1.99 from Direct Cosmetics

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Book Worm #20 - Blog Tour - Hard Time by Cara McKenna

I'm always interested to read a good romance novel so when I was approached with an opportunity to review Cara Mckenna's new book Hard Time, I jumped at the chance.

Unlike many other books of this genre, it offered the twist of a plot with an unlikely relationship and the journey it takes. This is initially what drew me in and kept me reading until the very end.

Annie Greenhouse moved to the new town of Darren, MI, to try and forget the troubles of an abusive relationship she left behind. Taking a job at a prison, love wasn't likely to be on the horizon any time soon. But she ends up learning that love can be found in unexpected places as she grows ever closer to Eric Collier - an inmate at Cousins Prison.

Suddenly she finds herself taking risks by smuggling love letters into work and living off the highs from the racy replies that Eric provides. But can a love like this exist in the real world? She's soon to find out. 

When Eric gets parol and is released from prison, Annie gets a reality check about how much she really knows about Eric and if she wants to get in deep with a bad boy all over again.

The complexity of their relationship is what really interested me and spurred me on to read the book. I got excited about seeing how their relationship would pan out and how she'd deal with suddenly being forced together.

But unfortunately it wasn't quite what I expected. Although the book was easy and enjoyable to read, I felt as though I almost missed the point. There was no beginning, middle and end for me. There wasn't a plot, as such, about what the characters had to overcome. It just felt like I was living their daily lives with them for a little while.

Sure you got to see how Annie dealt with the release of her convict lover but this doesn't really seem enough to base a whole book on. There wasn't much meat to the book to get really wrapped up in and curious about - no climax and hence curiosity about what would happen next. Personally, I prefer to be kept on my toes by a book - always wondering what happens next. But this book almost flowed too much. It naturally lead from one thing to the next without any real highs or lows.

In the last couple of chapters my interest peaked the most, as it seemed all of the drama happened then. But this was one of those books where I looked at how many pages were left and wondered how anything significant enough could happen in so few pages to explain its aim.

What was nice was that Cara has bought a new character to the plate and in turn a different kind of romance. She's made the most unlikely of characters - a convict - into one to relate to and in turn that was really interesting. I just feel that the storyline needed that little extra twist or turn to give it the edge it was lacking.

Hard Time by Cara McKenna* - £7.20 for Paperback £3.99 for Kindle from Amazon

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