Tuesday, 2 December 2014

NOTD - Nicole by OPI in The Gold Shoulder

Apologies for the picture quality here. I had one of those moments where I remembered I'd taken a picture of the polish and then moved on to other things, then came back and remembered the picture wasn't that great. In the meantime I'd painted my nails a different shade and had no time to go back and repaint them, so unfortunately this is what I'm stuck with. Hopefully it gives you a good enough idea of what the polish looks like on. It definitely gets across one of my key points about this colour - that it's more silver than gold.

In the bottle before I first painted it, it looked a mixture of the two. There was definitely a strong silver element about it. However this was broken up by the gold and bronze shimmer running through it. It genuinely looked like a perfect combination of the two and perfect for Christmas - it's all about the metallics and reds.

Other than the fact that it turned out to be slightly more silver, I did really enjoy wearing it. As you will know by my post earlier this week on Girl Talk, Nicole by OPI polishes have a fantastic formula, as you would expect from any OPI polish. It's hard wearing and doesn't chip so long as you apply two-three coats and apply a topcoat to lock everything in.

Overall, another great polish and another great price. Definitely recommend you checking these out.

The Gold Shoulder by Nicole by OPI* - £1.99 from Direct Cosmetics

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