Monday, 1 December 2014

Book Worm #22 - Blog Tour - Breaking Love by MJ Summers

If you were reading my blog about a week a go you will know all about MJ Summers. Her first novel in the Full Hearts series, Break in Two had me absolutely hooked and enraptured by her characters. Breaking Love is the second in that series and while the main characters are a spin off smaller characters from the first book, this novel has been no let down. 

At first I will certainly admit that it was a little hard to get into. I was craving more Claire and Cole from the first book and wasn't really in love with Luc, the main character in Breaking Love. But as the story progressed on, MJ Summers worked her magic yet again and left me hanging on for the third book which is being released April next year.

For now though, let me tell you some more about Luc.

Luc Chavellier is a rich business man who owns many clubs around the world. He's a typical ladies man and loves his lifestyle. At 41, he has no plans of ever settling down as he feels that isn't for him.

Megan is a single mum, living in Colorado, raising a little 6 year old called Elliot. She's band herself from ever falling in love again after her pro-baseballer ex-husband got hurt in an accident and became addicted to his pain medication.

But when Megan's friend Harper invites her on a business trip to Paris, Megan finally gets a taste of what it's like to have a man in her life again, as Luc wines and dines her in a night of passion. Little did Luc know that Megan would awaken feelings in him that were long dormant. Does Luc now want to change everything for this woman and live a life he's always avoided?

As I say, the beginning of the book took some getting into. Up until the point that Megan and Luc got serious, I didn't think this book could rival the first in this series. But after that I really started to get into it. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Luc started to become a more loveable and relatable character, which made me more drawn to their story - hopeless romantic I know.

The relationship Megan has with her Mum Helen is one that I really liked as well. MJ introduced some really good humour here which made me laugh on quite a few occassions. I love that there still seems to be progression in her writing. Some novels I find really easy to read where others can be a hard slog but both of the Full Hearts series so far have been effortless. The description is really detailed and I can always imagine exactly what's happening in my mind. I reckon these books could definitely make really lovely films. It's been a while since a good romance has come out so we're definitely due one.

Over all I really couldn't recommend this series enough and can't wait for the next release next year.
If you've read any of MJ Summer's books, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Breaking Love by MJ Summers* - £8.99 for Papberback and £2.99 for Kindle from Amazon

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