Monday, 24 November 2014

NOTD - Girl Talk by Nicole by OPI

How beautiful is this shade? It's absolutely perfect for this time of year. I love burgundy all year round but especially at Christmas, or just before when the leaves are falling and everything feels autumnal.

I've never tried a Nicole by OPI shade before (Nicole being Nicole Scherzinger), but have plenty of experience with OPI and love their formulation. This polish is no different. I wore it for over a week before it started chipping which is incredible considering how hard on I am on my nails at times. It looked incredibly glossy which made the overall look a lot more professional. But that was further aided by a great shaped brush, meaning that the application was easy to do neatly and with precision.

I genuinely love this polish. It's sold for such a reasonable price too which always helps. I'll definitely be interested in getting some more of these polishes in the future.

Girl Talk by Nicole by OPI* - £1.99 from Direct Cosmetics


  1. What a gorgeous shade! So perfect for this time of year,

    X Emma |

  2. It's a lovely shade! :) I'm a big fan of Nicole by OPI polishes :)


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