Tuesday, 16 September 2014

It's going to be a LUSH Christmas 2014

Apologies for all the festive coloured spots. I think I got a little bit carried away by the whole excitement of Christmas. Yes, my mind is set on Christmas already and apparently so is Lush! They've got a whole new range of gorgeous products coming out on October 4th this year and I simply can not wait to get my hands on them. There's everything from Bathbombs to Bubble Bars as well as scrumptious Soaps and more!

The newest Bathbombs are the Dashing Santa which fills your bath with citrus Christmas Satsuma and  Butterbear which contains sweet Cocoa Butter and Vanilla. Personally the Butterbear instantly appealed to me as that creamy and moisturising yet sweet and relaxing combination is exactly what I want all year round but especially at my favourite time of year - Christmas.

Having said that, if you're more of a Bubble Bar kind of person, you won't be disappointed. There are 3 new additions to their already fabulous line. First we have the Christmas Hedgehog with Shea, Cococa and Rose. Next there's Drummers Drumming which features a fresh Strawberry scent along with Bergamot, Geranium and Olibanum Oil and last but not least Holly Go Lightly which smells of Cinnamon (my favourite Christmas spice) along with Lime and Patchouli. Is your mind boggling with which one you want to try first? Mine certainly is. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to newness in store. The Soap selection is just as magical.

Yog Nog Soap, inspired by that famous Christmas drink Egg Nog, is completely vegan. It contains a creamy blend of Clove Bud Oil and Ylang Ylang to soften the skin whilst the Christmas fairy dusts it with some Nutmeg and Cocoa Powder to really get the festive feeling flowing. If you perhaps prefer something a little more fruity, the Reindeer Rock Soap might be the one for you. Whilst it's packed with Lush's best selling Comforter fragrance with Bergamot and Cypress Oil, it's decorated with a dusting of Crushed Raspberry Sparkle and Snowflake Lustre to make you feel like a pampered princess. Last but not least for the new Lush soaps is Baked Alaska. Perhaps the most exciting of all, this little soap contains hidden snowballs which create a fresh aroma of Organic Lemon Myrtle, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit. Now that's the kind of sensory snowball I want thrown at me.

Finally, we have a new Bath Melt to welcome. The pretty little Snow Angel adds a fizz to your evening routine. I can imagine this being the perfect product to use on Christmas Eve. Once the golden layer has melted away, you're left with skin that has a beautiful, radiant glow. Meanwhile the Fair Trade Cocoa Butter gets to work nourishing and pampering every last inch. This is all bought together by the relaxing fragrance of Rose - perfect for calming the night before excitement of Christmas Eve and helping you get the beauty sleep you need.

If all of that wasn't enough, you can count on Lush to bring out an amazing range of gift sets that will be perfect for treating the loved ones around you. Thanks to Lush, it looks like Christmas 2014 is going to be as shimmery and magical as ever.

So which products have caught your eye so far? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. I now have even more reasons to get excited for Christmas! These all look amazing! :)
    I'm definitely going to be treating myself (and others) to the first five products on your list!
    Eee! It's so exciting that it's almost Christmas!!

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  2. I love Lush's Christmas stuff, and the butterbear sounds great. I'm still a sucker for snow fairy though. Kyra x

  3. eeeeek! I'm so excited by all of these products! I have no idea what a hedgehog has to do with Christmas but I don't care as I'm dying to try out that bubble bar. I also love the sound of the Butterbear bath bomb and Drummers Drumming bubble bar! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. I cannot wait for the Lush Christmas stuff to come out!! The Reindeer Rock Soap and Butterbear look soooo cute!!

    Beauty & The Bird | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  5. Ooh I want to try the Butterbear and Holly Go Lightly! xx


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