Sunday, 28 September 2014

Birchbox Review - Modelco Lip Lacquer in Viva

This month Birchbox gave subscribers the chance to pick one of their products before it came in the September box. The choice was between two shades of lip gloss and a mascara by ModelCo. Naturally I would go for the mascara as I love a good lash product but for some reason the lip gloss drew me in this time. Viva Lip Lacquer really caught my eye so I was happy to receive it and couldn't wait to test it out.

First impressions were that the sample was a decent size - perfect for handbag use and travelling. When I twisted off the cap, the product itself seemed a little gloopy but I wanted to give it a good trial before discounting anything.

Applied with a doe-foot applicator, this lip lacquer leans more towards a gloss than a lipstick or balm. The colour is sheer but has a beautiful peachy-pink punch to it. The gloss looks lovely as glosses generally do, but what puts me off them is how sticky they are and this one can be just that unfortunately. It's definitely a product where your hair will get stuck to your face when the wind blows. Having said that, if you're saying inside, this is the perfect pout product to use to give your face a fresh and flawless finish.

During the day it wears just like any other gloss would and needs reapplying. It does tend to wear quite comfortably but towards the end I do find myself chewing on my lips (ew, gross, i know) because I feel like something is laying on them that I want to get off. That's probably just me and with some reapplication I'm sure there wouldn't be an issue.

Over all, I'd say as glosses go this is a nice one. I'm not particularly a gloss girl for the sticky hair situation along with the after-feeling but I do like this and have worn it a few times now.

Modelco Lip Lacquer in Viva - £15 from Birchbox

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  1. That's surprising ot me that it's sticky! I have a Modelco gloss and lipstick double ended thing they sent out a while ago and the gloss was not sticky, though it was not long lasting. I hate sticky glosses!


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