Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mr.Nutcase iPhone 5S Review

I've been looking for a great case for my new iPhone ever since I got it around 6 months ago. I set my sights on a lovely Casetagram one but felt like I didn't have the right pictures at the time to put on it. Therefore I ended up going through countless amounts of cheap eBay covers as a quick alternative. Then I was given the opportunity to test out a website called Mr.Nutcase which creates phone cases just like Casetagram ones but for a fraction of a price. As soon as mine came in the post I fell in love with it and now my phone feels so much more personal to me.

Ordering the case could not have been any simpler. After letting the website know which phone I had and which style case I was looking for, all I needed to do was pick the layout of the photos and off I went. I chose the Ultra Light Weight Slimline case* which retails for £9.95.

I used a bunch of photos from my Instagram, Facebook and Mac. All you really need to do is save your chosen snaps to a location on your computer (I used my desktop) and then upload each one individually from there. Once uploaded you simply drag and drop them into place. It couldn't be any simpler. You have an option to add text and background colour too. The text was a nicer choice to have but I couldn't get the background tool to work for me. Luckily enough I thought it looked nicest with a white border anyway so I was set.

It was dispatched the day after I ordered it and arrived to my front door the day after that - talk about speedy delivery! I was incredibly impressed. 

What I was most interested in looking at was the quality of the printing and how hardwearing the case felt. Both of which came back with a massive tick. The picture quality was incredible - just the same as the quality of photo I had chosen - and the case felt really hardwearing too. I was worried it might be quite flimsy and bendable but it feels really sturdy so my minds put to rest that the case will protect my phone whilst looking pretty too.

The case I chose came with transparent sides which I really like but I know you can pick different styles of case that wrap the design right around. Personally I like how mine is as I feel a wrap around might be a little to chaotic.

Over all I couldn't recommend Mr.Nutcase more. It's such a good alternative to a case like Casetagram with half the time to wait for it to arrive as well. Definitely check it out if you're looking for a new phone case for yourself, or even as a present for a friend's birthday.

Mr.Nutcase Phone Cases - Order yours here

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  1. This is amazing!!!
    The site looks super fun but I wish it waas abl to crate case for nokia smartphones too!
    My sister is searching for simple (and pocket friendly) covers but she can't :(
    Btw, the pictures you've chosen create a nice and delicate colour palette!!
    Have a nice Sunday


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