Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Let's Bake - Mint and Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream!

So after doing the Sunkissed Summer Tag and revealing that my ideal ice cream would be Mint and Chocolate Brownie flavoured I thought that I'd go on a mission to try and make some myself. Unfortunately I do not own a snazzy ice cream maker. If you do I can imagine this would be a lot simpler to make, but it took me quite a few hours. I'd definitely save this one for a relaxed Sunday when you don't have much on.

Above are all the ingredients you need (pretty much.. I forgot to photograph the brownie). I used a recipe from BBC Good Food for the ice cream and then altered it a little to make the flavour I wanted. Basically I swopped the chocolate chips for chocolate brownie and voila!

You can check out the full list of ingredients here.

Ok, so I won't lie to you, this brownie came out of a packet. This recipe was already going to take ages and to be honest, no one does brownie like Betty Crocker, so I let her help me out a little. I definitely advise cooking the brownie before starting the ice cream as you need to give it time to bake, cool, and freeze in the freezer. Simply chop it up once it's cooled down and pop it on a tray in the freezer for about an hour. This will stop it breaking up when you mix it into the ice cream later. The brownie may feel hard when it comes out of the freezer but will soon soften up as it comes back to room temperature.

To start making the ice cream, simply grab a vanilla pod and score it in half like my lovely assistant/best mate is doing here.

Then you need to scrape out all of the seeds...

...before popping the cream, milk, vanilla pod, and seeds in a medium sized pan. Simples!

Now, simply heat the mixture until it's nearly at boiling point. Stir occasionally to prevent it from getting a skin. However if it get's a little one don't worry too much as you'll be sieving it soon.

Next add your mint leaves and stalks. Leave to simmer with the lid on for around 15 minutes.

I would personally swop this step next time and add something along the lines of peppermint extract instead. I found the mint flavour this created to be a bit unfamiliar and a bit too fresh - almost like toothpaste. It was still nice but not quite what I aimed for. However, if you want to do it this way that is fine.

If you have used the mint leaves, now is the time to sieve the mixture and really work the leaves to get as much flavour out as possible. Then put this bowl to the side. It will probably get a skin again but don't panic.

In a separate bowl, add your egg yokes and sugar. This needs to be whisked until it looks a little something like this..

Tada! It should look creamy and white. This took around 5 minutes with an electric whisk.

Now go back to your sieved milk/cream/vanilla/mint mixture from before and pop it back in the pan to warm up a little.

Once it's almost boiling again, pour half into the eggs and sugar mixture and whisk. After this is combined, pour in the rest and whisk that in too. I did this with the electric whisk again but would recommend hand whisking it as the electric whisk made the mixture quite frothy.

When everything is combined as one, whack it back in the pan again and warm through.

Stir occasionally..

..then sieve.

Apparently this is when I forgot to take photos. So what happens after this is to let it cool in the bowl, stirring occasionally to prevent a skin. Once fully chilled, pour into a tub and pop it in the freezer for around 2 hours. Next, take it out, whisk it up a bit before adding in your brownie. Return to the freezer until fully set.

Here we have it. Mint Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream. You could add green food dye to make it the traditional green that you often associate with mint ice cream but I just left it how it was. It tastes amazing and the brownie is super chewy and gorgeous! Perfect for this time of year when it's hot and you want something yummy to eat. A lot of effort but definitely worth the wait.

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