Saturday, 21 June 2014

Maylash - An Update


At the beginning of March I was contacted by Maylash and asked if I would like to try their Eyelash Serum*. Personally I've never really looked into serums before but have always wanted luscious long lashes. Who wouldn't?

I'm very sensitive about what I put on and near my eye, so it was important to me that this serum was natural and not going to harm my eye area.

After watching their promotional video and seeing all the results in pictures of other people's lashes, I decided it would definitely be worth giving it a try. It took me roughly a month before I got around to testing it properly on a daily basis, which was around the end of April.

I'm back now, just over 8 weeks on with my progress pictures, and to share my experience with you.

Maylash is really simple and easy to use. You simply brush the serum on once a day, as close to the lash line as possible, and that's it. Application of some products can be time consuming and make my already extensive evening routine a bit of a chore but this product slipped into my nightly regime nicely.

Initially I saw some incredible results. My eyelashes looked so much longer. I was really excited that I was seeing results so quickly. This only made me want to use the product more and really see how much of an impact I could have.

To me the drastic changes in my lashes stopped around the 4 week mark. I stopped noticing any change in the length and volume. I just felt that the serum wasn't doing anything anymore.

As the weeks progressed I actually started to feel like my eyelashes were looking worse. Mascara wasn't looking as good on them anymore and if anything I thought the hairs were looking a little patchy. I wasn't getting any bad reactions to the serum. There was no burning or stinging, nor did I find my lashes were dropping out at a noticeable rate. However, you can see from the pictures below a massive change between a couple of month's ago when I started this process and now.

Today my lashes look much more sparse and withered compared to the full and thick ones I had at the beginning. What was strange was that I saw incredible results initially and then the noticeable changes started to dwindle as the weeks progressed.

I'm sorry to say that I won't be using this serum again from today. I'm hoping that my eyelashes will grow back to their natural state soon. I'm not too sure what might happen to them if I carry on using the serum every day. 

What is strange is that you are recommended to use it every day. Once you stop using it your lashes should go back to their natural state after a few months. But honestly, I feel like prolonged usage of this product has done more harm than good.

I may take progress pictures to see how long it takes for my lashes to get back to their natural state. Hopefully, a month from now, I'll see some improvement.

Maylash Natural Eyelash Serum - from Maylash

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  1. I have to agree with you, your lashes look worse - they look lighter and like theres less of them. such a shame the serum didnt work out :/


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