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Book Worm #17 - Blog Tour - Fall From India Place by Samantha Young

I haven't had the chance to read a book in so long. I hate when life gets so busy that there is no time to curl up and indulge in the different world that a good book takes you to.

However when I was sent this book to review I made a conscious effort to make time for reading again and have really enjoyed myself since. This novel probably isn't something that I would have instantly picked up on a book shelf but is certainly something I'm glad I've been introduced to and would definitely recommend to others.

Fall From India Place is actually the fourth book in the "On Dublin Street" series by Samantha Young. It bases itself around a twenty-something girl called Hannah who lives in Scotland.

When Hannah met Marco the evening she missed the bus after school, her life changed for good. She knew instantly that there was something different about him which she felt intrigued by. The subtle way he had with her, and how him saying nothing spoke volumes was really all the encouragement she needed to want to get to know him further.

But after one earth-shattering night together, Marco left her alone in bed and disappeared.

However when their eyes connected across a crowded room 4 years later, old feelings stirred. Was there a chance that they could get back what they had? Or would the troubles and secrets from their past haunt their chance of a future together?

I thought it might be difficult to pick up this series the 4th book in, but it was great in the way that you didn't need to have read the previous 3 to understand the 4th. This makes the series really accessible to anyone - whether you're interested in just one story or the whole sequence.

The characters are really honest and genuine. Any girl in her twenties can completely relate to Hannah's thought processes, as can she relate to the wanting of a man just like Marco. I loved reading bits and comparing it to my own experiences. For me this is partly what makes a book so special - being able to feel like everything's possible.

With regards to Samantha's writing, I did struggle a little at the beginning. She seemed to pile on a lot of information within a short period of time. As a reader you are introduced to between 10 and 15 characters within a couple of chapters which I found really hard to keep up with. What's more irritating is that the information provided isn't necessarily vital to the understanding of the rest of the novel. However, I feel like this section was specifically useful for people who had read the previous 3 stories. It undoubtably explained a gap in the story that I had no idea existed due to me only joining the series late on.

Other than this busy section at the beginning, I felt like Samantha was sometimes in a rush. There seemed to be sections where she would explain a large period of time in 3 or 4 lines so that she could skip to the next Hannah and Marco scene, which became a little repetitive after a while. I felt like I wanted more depth to get my teeth into rather than just focusing on the couple themselves.

Having said all that, the Hannah and Marco storyline was really gripping and once you got deep into those sections of the book you could lose yourself for hours. It really did make for great reading. Certainly something that would be easy to read on the beach on holiday for example.

Although Samantha has been compared to E L James by the Sunday Post, I couldn't necessarily agree. I feel like she is in a league with many adult authors, whereas E L James takes a whole new look at writing. I feel like Samantha's balance of scenes in the book was very well done which is certainly something that makes me want to read more of her writing.

Overall I enjoyed reading Fall From India Place and will definitely be recommending it to friends.

If you like a good romance and are looking for the perfect holiday read, I'd certainly recommend looking the "On Dublin Street" series up, as Fall From India Place specifically, is honestly worth a read.

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Fall from India Place by Samantha Young (Piatkus) is available as a paperback original and eBook, £7.99,

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