Monday, 30 June 2014

Blogger of the Month - Amy from Paint Potted

It's that time of the month again, and for June my favourite blog has got to be Paint Potted - written by the lovely Amy. I have followed her for a while now and always find her posts to be amazing. As with all my favourite bloggers, her blog design is beautiful (made by Amy herself) and the photographs are ones to be envious of. Some people just have the skills to take incredible pictures and Amy is certainly one of them.

As usual, below I want to share with you a few of my favourite posts of hers. The first of which is actually her most recent post.

In this post Amy introduces Disney Couture Jewellery. I am sure this is inspired by her recent trip to Disney (which looked amazing in her daily blog pictures). Some of the pieces are truly beautiful. After looking through the shops site I'm sure I would have ordered just the same as she has - a lovely silver Simba ring and a bangle with 'Have faith in your dreams' inscribed on it. 

One of the beauties of reading blogs is precisely this - to find out new things that I may not have known about otherwise. I've already considered purchasing a few bits for upcoming birthdays :)

Next we have Amy's Mac Lipstick collection. This stood out to me personally because I am in the market for a new one myself. Mac Lipstick Collection posts are always some of my favourites to read as I feel you can tell a lot about someone through their choice of shades. I think my favourite of Amy's is Faux which was her first ever Mac lipstick purchase. I'm probably going to have to swatch it next time I'm near my local Mac counter because it looks like it has my name written all over it.

Here we have a post on perfume. I'm sure it's a real shock to all of you that I loved this post, being the obsessed perfume addict that I am. Amy discusses how she can love a perfume one minute and not the next which is definitely something I suffer with when it comes to a few in my collection. However I agree with her when she recommends testing it out a few times in the store on separate occasions before taking the plunge and buying it yourself.

Her favourites at the moment are Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noir, Diptyque's Philosykos and Nina Ricci's L'eau EDT. I can't say I have smelt any of the above but you can guarantee next time I'm in Boots I'll be heading straight for the perfume isle.

Finally we have her swatches of Model's Own Speckled Nails. I won't lie, I kind of fell in love with this post simply because of the pictures. Her manicure is impeccable and really makes the polish look at its best. For me, the small details really matter when it comes to reading a blog. Little things like perfectly painted nails make me want to try something a lot more than if it doesn't look as neat but is still the same thing. I understand that that's weird but it's just the way it works in my head.

I like that she's honest about the removal of the polish being just as fussy as taking of glitter polish. There's nothing more important than an honest review which gives you all perspectives. I hate it when I buy something from a review recommendation and it doesn't quite turn out to be what I expected. Amy is always really honest in her writing and lets you know all the facts so you can make informed purchases. Perfect for girls on a budget like myself!

Over all, Amy's blog is the perfect site to browse in the evenings when you're looking for some light reading before bedtime. Paint Potted is like a good magazine - easy to flick through, looking at all the pretty pictures and when a title really catches your eye, the content you read is top notch too.

Definitely go check Paint Potted out if you haven't already and give her a follow whilst you're there.

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