Monday, 16 June 2014

Birchbox Review - Silk + Honey Shea Butter Hair Conditioning Mask

I've never tried anything from this brand before but isn't that what Birchbox is all about? Testing out new products that you've perhaps never come across previously? As soon as I saw it in my box I knew that it would be something I would try first out of the selection. A Shea Butter hair mask sounded super nourishing and rich - definitely something my locks have been seeking in this warm heat. I can't say I've ever used Shea Butter on my hair before. I'm more familiar with seeing it in body care products. But knowing what great results I get from using it that way, I could only predict great things for my hair too.

The mask was very easy to use. All you have to do is scoop a bit up, apply it to your damp hair after shampooing, leave it 10-15 minutes and then wash out. 

One of the things that surprised me when using this product was how incredibly thin it was. Applying it to my hair felt like there was no product at all and washing it out felt even more bizarre. Usually my hair feels silky smooth after a conditioner or mask but after this product it just felt a bit rubbery and if anything a little greasy.

From this moment on things went downhill. As I blow dried my hair it seemed to help with the greasy feeling but as soon as my hair had cooled down from the heat of the hairdryer I could feel the product like a thick veil on my head. It felt really waxy and horrible. This only intensified the day after using the mask. I ended up heading back in the shower the following night to wash my hair again because it felt incredibly dirty.

I'm not terribly surprised that I've had this reaction to the mask. I had my suspicion that a Shea Butter hair mask would create this issue, with it being so rich. However I thought that this mask would be evolved to prevent any greasy, waxy textures and simply leave your locks with nourishment. Unfortunately the result was the complete opposite and I will not be using this product again.

Silk + Honey Shea Butter Hair Conditioning Mask - £55 from Birchbox

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