Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Romance Recommendations List

The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello - UK Publish Date: 24/03/14
Jane Costello started my love affair with reading. After randomly picking up Bridesmaids in Waterstones one day, I've never turned back. I got hooked on her writing and have since read every book she's written to date - apart from this one. Her stories eclipse the modern day woman and are really relatable. If you like Lindsey Kelk, you are more than likely to get on well with Jane's classic one liners and light-hearted style. I can't wait to curl up in a ball on the sofa one sunday afternoon and give this book a good read. 

Fall from India Place by Samantha Young (Part of On Dublin Street Series) - UK Publish Date: 03/06/14
Samantha Young is a new author to me, but one that fills me with hope for another author addiction. As soon as I like one book from a novelist, I feel the need to go and read all of their other books in the hope that they are all just as good. From what I've read up about her, she seems to write exactly the type of story I like, which is why I'm so excited and intrigued by this book. Fall from India Place is the 4th book in the On Dublin Street series. Each book in the series has reviews about it being steamy, page-turning, smart and sexy. These all sound very appealing, so I'm looking forward to whiling away a few hours getting engrossed in this book.

What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk (Part of About A Girl Series) - UK Publish Date: 04/07/14
You've got to have a bit of Lindsey Kelk's writing in your life or it can't be complete. I absolutely adore and laugh out loud at all of her amazing books. Obviously my favourite has to be the I Heart... Series. But Kelk came back with a new series that promises to start a whole new love affair. About A Girl was released a little while ago and although I have aquired it, I've yet to get the chance to read it. I've heard great things though and will definitely be grabbing this next book when it comes out. Published just in time for summer, this has to be your go-to beach book.

Someone For Me (Part of the Someone To Love Series) by Addison Moore - UK Publish Date: 01/07/14
Someone To Love was one of those books I bought on a whim. I was browsing through my Kindle when I first got it and there it was, shining at me with it's romance cover and the promise of an amazing story. Turns out I wasn't let down. It reminds me of American Pie meets The Ugly Truth. I remember tweeting Addison and asking her to do a follow on to it, to which she replied saying she would. Little did I know that during my book-lapse she had written another 2 to follow. Someone For Me is the third in the series, with Someone Like You coming before it. If either of them are anything like the first book, I strongly suggest all romance novel enthusiasts get their mitts on it asap.

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks - UK Publish Date: 17/09/14
This post has to finish with a Nicholas Sparks novel or it wouldn't be a true romance recommendations list. Everyone knows he's a little bit of a king when it comes to writing brilliant best sellers. The Notebook, Dear John, Safe Haven and The Lucky One are to name but a few of his biggest hits. The Longest Ride is surely going to be another brilliant hit that we will see on our cinema screens in a few years time, no? I think so. This comes out in time for a little holiday I'm having too, so you know what I'll be reading abroad this year.

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