Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Playboy Perfect Kiss Intense Lipstick in Pink Candy

Regular readers will know by now how much I've been loving testing out the new Playboy range of makeup since I attended their launch in London last month. My favourite product so far has to be the Kitten Eyes Liquid Liner which is both jet-black and long-wearing. Now, I've had the chance to test out one of their wide range of lipsticks. I was super excited to see what the formulation was like and how it wore throughout the day.

Just like all the other Playboy makeup, the packaging is pretty cute. It's matte and ever-so-slightly rubberised which I love as it reminds me a little of Nars packaging. The design is really simple and chic which I appreciate as it makes the product feel luxurious and expensive, whilst being very affordable.

Many of the shades are quite bright to fit with a launch for both spring and summer. As you can see, Pinky Candy is no exception. This is the epitome of a barbie pink in my eyes and whilst I thought it wouldn't suit me on any level, it actually surprised me a little and I ended up liking it quite a lot.

The first thing I noticed was that the formulation was very thick and that was partly it's downfall. Once applied to the lips it looked a little cakey and fake. The fact that the colour is quite a powdery yet vibrant pink wouldn't exactly aid an au naturale look, but the formulation somehow made the lipstick stand out even more. Needless to say it certainly didn't look subtle. In fact, it looked rather plastered on - up to the point where I didn't really like looking at it in the mirror. The pink pigment clung to any dry bits I had on my lips which only added to the unsightly look.

However, through the day the lipstick wore off and the product melted onto my lips more. Amazingly a gorgeous transformation started to appear. My pout look more perfected and pretty rather than uncomfortable and messy. I grew to like it and hoped it wouldn't wear off because it looked so flattering.

The lesson I learned was that the Playboy Lipsticks are probably more 'dabbers' than 'swipers'. What I mean by this is that I would more likely pat a minimal amount of product onto my lips in future, rather than swipe it straight from the stick like I would with a usual lipstick. Less is certainly more when it comes to this product, with both shade and formulation.

Over all I have to say I did like the fact that it was so creamy, which meant that it wasn't remotely drying. My number one turn off with lipstick is that it's too dry and leaves me with flakey lips. Not something that anyone would wish for. Yuck!

 Yes, it did make any dry bits on my lips more obvious to start with, as I had clearly applied far too much. But as with any statement lip colour, make sure you use a lip scrub before hand so that your pout is primed for any product you put on. It will probably make your overall look 10 times better.

I would certainly pick up another lipstick from Playboy, but perhaps one that wasn't so bright and obvious next time.

Have you tried any of the Playboy makeup yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Playboy Perfect Kiss Intense Lipstick in Pink Candy - £3.95 from Direct Cosmetics

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