Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Blogger Of The Month - Helen from The Lovecats Inc

I don't know whether I am constantly late to the party or whether there is always going to be incredible blogs I find every month which I feel everyone already knows about bar me. The Lovecats Inc is just another one of those sites I stumbled across after seeing the blogger, Helen, tweet about one of her most recent posts.

You know the drill if you've been following my Blogger Of The Month series which I started in January. Basically I dedicate these posts to people who inspire me and make me want to blog. Instead of telling you that I like the design of the blog or the photos (which is usually the main contributing factors to my reading of the blog), I try to focus on three specific posts which that blogger has produced that I really admire. From there I can explain to you exactly why I love reading the website and hopefully get some of you to check it out too so we can all enjoy and support each other's passions and writing.

So here goes.. to start off we have Helen's addictive food posts.

Goodness me. If that photo doesn't make you click the follow button, I honestly don't know what will. This post captured my heart in about 0.25 seconds. I can't tell you how much I want to make that cheesecake and gobble it all up in one mouthful. 

My absolute favourite type of blog to read is beauty with a slice of baking thrown in there for good measure. Helen just hits the nail on the head every time with her heavenly recipes that make your mouth water right from the offset. I love that this is her own creation and the recipe is super simple and easy to follow. Don't even get me started on the posts about Malteaser Cookie Bites or Frosted Cookie Bars. NOM. I'm definitely going to be getting my bake on very soon.

Everyone loves a good 'Tips and Tricks' post and this one is pretty much on the money. If you search those key words on her blog you will find countless posts on how to blog at your best and some fabulous beauty posts too. I love the one above as it covers grooming, makeup and skincare all in one short, snappy and easy to understand post.

My personal favourite tip is about facial oils and how they will help with spots and blemishes. It is often a misconception that oils are the demon when it comes to spotty skin but they can actually help to reduce redness, soreness and even heal the spot without leaving unsightly scarring. This definitely makes me want to try the new oil I have which has been sitting on my nightstand, staring at me for weeks.

And finally, it will come as no surprise that I loved her post on her skin history. Her journey seems to be quite similar to mine with regards to having a pretty spotty time during teenage years and then it settling to a more combination type of skin as university kicked in. I like that she focuses her skincare and treatments on what you can use at night as this is what I prefer to do too. Therefore I got some great tips about what products I could try out to help even out my skin and generally make it a bit happier and in turn make me happier too.

In a nutshell, Helen's style of writing is simple to digest and her blog is very easy on the eye. She comes across as such a genuine person. Her style is absolutely gorgeous and I love flicking through her OOTD posts for fashion inspiration. I hope that you can all stop by and check out her blog and no doubt fall in love with it as much as I have over the past month too.

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  1. Just headed over to follow Helen's blog, it's incredible! I now need cheesecake!


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