Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Birchbox Review - NOTD - Soigné Botanique Nail Lacquer in Creme Au Beurre

This month's Birchbox was inspired by Harpars Bazaar Magazine, featuring beauty products which they recommend and love. It has to be by far one of the best Birchboxes and beauty boxes in general that I have ever received. I'm sure you will see many more reviews of the products featured in the box in due course. But if you can't wait to see what I recieved, head over to my Instagram here where I have posted an instavideo revealing the contents.

Naturally the first thing I tried from the May Birchbox was this gorgeous nail polish. I've seen many other people receive a redish-pink version, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened up the Soigné packaging to reveal my peachy hue. At first sight I thought it was a nude pink with a subtle shimmer. However on further inspection and application it's certainly more of a peach and a lovely one at that.

This is the first nail polish I know of where it recommends you don't shake it as it can create air bubbles in the polish. I'll be the first to admit I shook it without reading the instructions and figured it was the right thing to do after hearing the ball inside the bottle rattle around (I assumed that was for mixing up the polish). 

Applying the product was relatively easy but ever so slightly streaky. The formulation is quite thick so it's hard to get the right amount on the brush to create a thin and even layer. On top of that, although it does dry quite quickly you must make sure the first layer is completely dry before applying a second or it will drag that first coat back up. Not a pretty look.

I've applied 3 coats in the picture above and although it looks very opaque in the picture, I would still recommend one more coat for the finish that I like. Other than that, the polish is remarkable. It's as glossy as you like and impressively hardwearing. I didn't have time to apply a top coat this time but it still survived an extremely battering time at work and a shower, which are normally two key factors in the chipping of my nails.

I am impressed with the product over all and really like the care and thought over the design and luxurious packaging. Apart from the black handle casing flying off when I shook the bottle by the lid (it's fair to say I nearly had a heart attack but it was easily fixed), I find the product to be really high quality and one I definitely recommend to girls who are hard on their hands.

Soigné Botanique Nail Lacquer in Creme Au Beurre - £11 from Birchbox


  1. Oh that's a gorgeous shade!

    I got persimmon which is a warm burnt orange shade! Gorgeous

  2. This shade is beautiful and looks great on your nails! Formulation would potentially put me off, but I'd give it a whirl!


  3. Ooo gorgeous shade! Love nudes like this :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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