Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Playboy Sleek Lashes Lengthening Mascara

This is a bit of a funny one. After trying the Playboy Kitten Eyes Liner and absolutely loving it, I figured that this would be great too, but it's not really stood out to me. It gives a sort of natural look rather than a bold statement which wasn't what I expected. I find that it's a lot more volumising than lengthening too, which is strange considering this one is made for lengthening and there is another in the range for volume.

Again, the packaging is sleek and lovely. I like that it's all matte black with a clean look about it.

The wand is bristle instead of plastic which I don't come across that often these days. It reminds me a tiny bit of the Benefit Bad Gal Lash wand as it's quite big and fat. Luckily this wasn't an issue when it comes to applying the product to the lashes. I had visions of it getting smeared on my eyelid initially but the application process went smoothly. Having said that I can't imagine it applying very easily to the bottom lashes. Luckily I don't really wear mascara on my bottom ones that often as it doesn't really suit me.

The formulation seems quite thin which I thought was strange. It's definitely buildable which creates some very pretty and natural volume, but when it comes to length I just don't see it. I had to take a shot of my lashes whilst I was looking upwards so you could get an idea of this mascara. Although it looks quite lengthening in this picture, from a straight on view I don't feel like it has the same effect.

When I think of Playboy, I think of thick, long, voluminous, maybe even slightly OTT lashes and to be honest, I was looking forward to giving a mascara which would help me achieve that look a try. But this is just not that sort of product.

Over all I do still like it. It's just not what I initially thought it might be. I probably wouldn't repurchase it as I've found other mascaras I like more. But if you love really natural, subtle lashes I would certainly recommend you give this a go.

Playboy Sleek Lashes Lengthening Mascara - £8.23 from Amazon


  1. I would have expected the same thing from some Playboy mascara; OTT lashes, still looks lovely though :) Danielle xx


    1. Exactly. That was my instant reaction as well. xxo


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