Thursday, 3 April 2014

Free Fitness App - Lift

I don't know what flicked the switch in my brain back at the end of February, but ever since then I have been trying to add a little exercise to my daily routine.

I've never really been one for working out and being incredibly strict with what I eat. That's just not me. I often find exercise boring and lack the motivation to really get going. But something about this app (and of course the help from people around me) is making me driven and I'm excited to actually get my butt into gear for that bikini body this summer..

I started off by wanting to work on my stomach/abs. But all the abs workouts I could find looked really boring.. or I actually couldn't do them. I literally felt like such a weakling trying to do stomach crunches. So I looked into doing squats to see if that would help with my stomach at all. 

Although it's aimed to help your legs and bum the most, I did hear a few comments about how it can help your core strength too. So off I went in the search for a squats programme that could help keep me motivated and on track. This is when I stumbled across the app 'Lift' in one of my monthly mags.


Lift aims to be the perfect life coach app and honestly you can use it for just about anything. The list of goals you can set is endless, but I was primarily interested in fitness. So I clicked on that, and up popped 10k Squats. Initially I loved the idea of knowing I'd done 10, 000 squats but when I read that the app would help you build up to doing 200 at one time I was definitely in.

Since then I haven't looked back.

Before I started using the app I was doing squats on my own and pushing to see how far I could go. I'd do around 40 in a row and then be absolutely wrecked and need to stop. The next day my legs would be incredibly sore, but I just pushed through. All the while, I was trying to eat healthier and help myself in any way possible. After all, pigging out on Dominos and doing a couple of squats a night isn't going to make the slightest bit of difference.

Having said all that, using the app stripped me back to basics. It started me at only 9 reps a day and really steadily increased them. 5 weeks into using Lift, I am now doing 69 reps a day and don't feel as wrecked as I used to.

However, on days where I miss my squats due to being busy with work/friends, I just add the reps onto the next day. I've already done 120+ in one set and although I'm pretty tired afterwards, I certainly feel a sense of achievement, which in turn makes me feel better about myself.

I think what's great about this app is that it progresses you at a steady pace so that you don't feel like you're hitting a wall and you can't do the exercise. Every day it pushes you a little bit more so that you feel like you're stretching yourself but not overdoing it. That's why I find it such great fun. It's nice to see the progress and to tick it off each day to say you've done it. Little things like the charts and interaction with other users on the programme really make a difference.

I seriously recommend this app to anyone who wants to start working out but feels like they can't/won't keep up with it. It's been the turning point for me and now I can't see myself going back.

And as for the squats helping with the abs - they actually do. I've noticed my stomach getting more toned which makes me feel even better. I certainly don't think that squats alone are enough to get my stomach as toned as I would like, so I've steadily started to add some ab exercises in with my squats to create my own workout routine. Hopefully if I see the same results in my stomach that I've seen in my legs over the past 5 weeks, I'll be a seriously happy lady by summer.


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    1. Aww cheers hunni!!! I'll take a look xxo


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