Thursday, 17 April 2014

Birchbox Review - NOTD - ColorClub Nail Lacquer in Aquamarine Azulino

It feels like it's been such a long while since I received a nail polish in my Birchbox, so this was a lovely and refreshing change. Having said that, Color Club is a pretty standard brand for Birchbox. This is my third lacquer since making my subscription. So far I've had Mod in Manhattan (a light yellow) and Put A Pin In It (a sparkly gold). This shade definitely sparks a change from all the rest.

Aquamarine Azulino is one of four shades designed by Gala Gonzalez, a spanish-born blogger, in the Gala's Gems collection. The other colours from the line include a pink, green and neutral nude. I feel like perhaps the pink or nude would have been more to my taste as to me this blue looks a little garish. I'm not one for brights at the best of times, so bright blue is definitely quite a shock to the system. Having said that, the polish is a lot more creamy and pastel compared to how it comes across in the picture.

The formulation itself has quite a creamy satin/pearl finish. It's seriously opaque, with one coat near-enough giving a complete look. Having said that, I found the polish to be closer to wall paint in texture when applying it. Perhaps this helps to create the hard-wearing creamy finish which I actually really like. In the picture above I am wearing two coats just to give the final manicure a streak-free finish. I certainly wouldn't say it was very glossy, so a topcoat is certainly needed. Out of interest I've been testing the polish without a topcoat to see how well it lasts and I'm really surprised with its longevity. After 3 days of wear, there is only the smallest of chipping along the ends of my nails which isn't really that noticeable unless you look quite closely. 

Other than the colour, the packaging is very nice. I like the new logo and how sleek and classic the bottle looks now. 

I'm not sure I'd rush to wear this again as it's not really my cup of tea, but I'd certainly be interested in try some other shades from Color Club to spice up my collection this spring.

Color Club Nail Lacquer Gala's Gems Collection - £15 for set of 4 from Birchbox

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