Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in 01

I feel ever so slightly late to the party with these lipsticks, but I'm really glad I'm on the bandwagon now. Bourjois have been killing it when it comes to lip products and this line is no exception. The Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks come in a range of 6 shades (which I'm seriously hoping they will add too as the time goes on). Most of them are reds and dark pinks, with a coral shade thrown in for good measure. Obviously I picked red as I have an unhealthy obsession towards them. This is the deeper of the two red shades available, as the other was more orange toned and I didn't think would suit me as well.


The product resembles a liquid lipstick and is applied with a doe-foot applicator. It reminds me of the Rimmel Apcoalips to a certain extent, with regards to pigmentation and formulation. However, unlike the Apocalips, this lipstick has a velvety, matte finish. Initially this sparked worry in my mind as I associate matte finishes with dry lips but my pout didn't actually dry out that much, which was a huge bonus.

Once applied it felt very creamy and velvety. This soon turned into a texture so light and natural that I couldn't even feel I was wearing any product at all. 

It's incredibly long wearing. Even after eating and drinking, my colour still stayed well enough to not freak out about reapplying straight away.

Having said all that, as time went on my lips got a little tacky as the product wore off. All I did was applied a little more to my lips and they were restored to their usual self again.

At certain points my pout did dry out a little but it was nothing too uncomfortable. I didn't find myself reaching for a lip balm, so that says it all. A little more product was all that was required. 

I can't believe how much I've fallen in love with this product to be honest. I would definitely class this product as my go-to red lip colour for the foreseeable future. I certainly want to invest in more and really hope that they extend the line. Have you tried any of the shades yet? What is your favourite?

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in 01 - £8.99 from Superdrug

OOTD - 30/4/14

Black on black.

Asos Leather Jacket - Present - As seen in my previous OOTD
Zara Basics Black T-shirt - £9.99 in the sale
Hollister Black Leggings - £34 - Buy here
Black Converse - £44.99 - Buy here

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Lipstick in Julianne's Nude


As soon as these were launched a few months ago, I had my eye on them. They seemed to be really popular sellers at the time because whenever I headed into Boots or Superdrug to check them out they were always sold out. For some reason I just stopped looking for them because they were never there, and when they were there the buzz had gone and I wasn't as interested anymore.

However since Boots are back in 3 for 2 mode, I treated myself to Julianne's nude. Finally I would know if the formulation was worth all the bother or not.

All the shades in the Nudes collection are lovely. Each one is inspired by a different celebrity which I think is a cool idea. The lipstick I chose was influenced by the actress Julianne Moore (Crazy Stupid Love). Having said that, it had no baring on me picking it. I obviously looked at the lipsticks represented by celebrities I knew initially but in the end I based it on whatever colour I fancied the most and thought would suit me more.

Julianne's nude is one of the more pinky shades out of the range with a little peach thrown in for good measure. It shows up in the picture below as quite a baby doll pink but the true representation is a lot deeper, darker shade. Having said that, I like that in sunlight it looks a slightly different colour. Both looks are super wearable for girls with pale skin (my biggest worry).

The formulation is beautiful. It's super creamy and moisturising. It leaves a satin, almost glossy finish to the lips which I absolutely adore because it makes the product so much more comfortable to wear. 

Although it does fade throughout the day, especially due to eating and drinking, there is colour left behind which I really like. I'm not so fond of lipsticks that completely disappear after an hour or two as I question what the point was in applying it in the first place!

Over all I'm really pleased with my choice and certainly feel like this is a line I would invest in again.

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from this line? Which one's your favourite?

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Lipstick in Julianne's Nude - £8.19 from Boots

Saturday, 26 April 2014

St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil

St Tropez is my all-time favourite tanning brand. I know I can rely on it to make me go a gorgeous natural bronze without looking too muddy or fake. I've been using St Tropez for years and found that the Gradual Tanning Lotion is my favourite from their line. I like that it's easy to apply, streak free and builds gradually so you never get the wear and tear from a tan fading away. When they released their Gradual Tanning Firm Plus Lotion I was quick on the mark to give that a go too and really fell in love. In general, their line of products are amazing so I couldn't wait to take the new addition through it's paces.

This tanner is different from most others as it's actually a dry oil. It's described by the brand as a 'Brazilian inspired, non-greasy formula which provides intense hydration and a luminous glow that lasts for days with no self tan smell. I uses 100% Natural Tanning Agent and is fragranced with essential oils.'

Well I don't know about you but that all sounds fantastic. Having said that, I definitely had my reservations about this product. To start with, I couldn't get to grips with how I could apply this oil without it looking streaky. I thought it would be so easy to miss bits or accidentally not massage the product in enough. On top of that, I couldn't imagine a tanner not having a distinctive scent. But above all, the major shimmer twister that was going on inside the bottle certainly made me think twice about whether I would come out the other side looking like a 90s disco ball.

It turns out that I was both right and wrong.

This tanner really is super quick and easy to use. You simply shake the bottle up, pour some oil onto your hands and then massage it in. As soon as it hits the skin it starts to absorb and you are left massaging in a dark brown oil with absolutely no oily residue. It's very easy to see where you've applied the product but it's also very forgiving if you miss parts.

I applied one layer of the oil to my legs for a start and they definitely went a light to medium brown. Having said that, you can apply another layer if you want that bronze goddess look.

With regards to scent, I'm afraid I can't agree that it's got no tanning smell. I certainly noticed one developing the longer the product was on my skin. It wasn't anything too off-putting but it was definitely there. However, I it didn't linger as long as it would with a normal tanner so that gets the thumbs up from me.

The shimmer twister going on in the bottle is definitely transferred onto the skin. You are certainly left with a prominent glitter going on after application. Having said that, I found that after a day the sheen had worn off and I was just left with the golden brown I really wanted.

Just as you would expect with St Tropez, the tan fades very evenly and gradually. This means that you look fabulous throughout every stage of your tan and that can only be a good thing.

I definitely think this product is something to invest in. It's not cheap, but you always get what you pay for. I'd rather invest and not end up looking like an Umpa-Lumpa. If you like the sound of the product, chances are you'll love it because it delivers just what it says it will. Personally, I'm excited to apply some of this before a holiday to the beach somewhere as I can imagine the shimmer looking beautiful in the sun. 

Have you tested this product yet? What are your thoughts on an oil tanner? Let me know in the comments below.

St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil - £25 from Boots

Friday, 25 April 2014

Thursday, 24 April 2014

This Week's Wish List

Blogger Of The Month - Emma from Miss Emma Charlotte

This month I've picked Emma from Miss Emma Charlotte as my Blogger Of The Month. After meeting her earlier on in April at the Playboy Makeup Launch, I knew that I'd be featuring her in this post. She was such a lovely person to meet, which made me being the second blogger to arrive at the event a lot more comfortable. Plus, it's always nice when you meet the face behind the blog.

We got straight into conversation about shopping in London and then onto the products which were on show at the beautiful event. She mentioned that she was quite new to blogging and had just bought a new camera to get some good snaps of all the products. Immediately I realised that a camera would have been handy and my iPhone was going to have to suffice. Ooops!

I checked out her blog when I got home that evening and was instantly drawn to how clean it looks. As you all know, I'm really interested in blogs that look beautiful and are easy to read. Emma's is just that. The simple white and black design make it very easy on the eye. You can really concentrate on what you're reading, rather than being distracted elsewhere.

I generally like similar things about each blog so I've picked out a few to illustrate what I like best.

The first post I picked obviously had to be her review of the Playboy Makeup Launch. FYI, head over to her blog for a great insight into the products and some much better pictures of the event!

I love how she gives you information on her outfit in the post. I remember wishing I could have dressed up as I stood there in my jeggings and boots, whilst everyone else was in dresses. Unfortunately I was travelling to London from Birmingham and spending the whole day there, so it wouldn't have been practical to totter up and down Oxford Street in my dress and heels. Needless to say I still got outfit envy.

I love how clean and crisp the photos are in this post. She gives you an in-depth insight into the event and really makes you feel like you were there. The added detail about how we were all chowing down on duck spring rolls really made me giggle too.

The next post I particularly like is this one on the  Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Self Warming Mask. Having never heard of this product before, I loved to read her experiences on it. One of the best things about reading great blogs is when they introduce you to a product that you'll end up using for years. If Emma's experience is anything to go by, I certainly want to get my hands on this product. I'm constantly on the look out for products that are going to make my hair glossy and hydrated, and this sounds like it'll do just the trick.

Finally, I was introduced to DHJ Organics haircare range through her blog. The Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil really peaked my interest after she mentioned that Daniel Galvin Junior, the man who created the DGJ brand has a glossy list of clients including the likes of Amanda Holden and Kelly Brook. This would be a good time to note that I like how she gives you a background on brands that you might not have heard of before. I always like to get to know a company before I try out their products so I can get a feel of what they are about. Being able to get all of this and a personal review in one place is what makes Emma's blog so great.

I was interested in how she got on as she said that the shampoo didn't lather but her hair still felt clean. Usually my hair freaks out as soon as I try to wash it with sulphate-free shampoo as it tends to get in a real knot. But she noted that her hair felt nourished and frizz free after using it. I know that her opinion is one I can trust and this makes me excited that I might have found a chemical free product that could give me the results I'm looking for.

Over all I'm really enjoying keeping up to date with Emma's posts. She's been blogging for around 3 months and her posts just keep getting better and better. I love finding blogs at the beginning of their life as I like to read them from the beginning and watch their journey. It's still very special to me that people who read my blog at the beginning are still in contact with now. I feel like they've gone through the blogging journey with me and that's what I'd like to have with Emma's blog.

Definitely go and check her out if you've not read her blog before. It's the perfect blend of launch posts, reviews, OOTD's and even some health and yummy ice cream posts thrown in for good measure. Now who doesn't want to read about that, really?!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

NOTD - Playboy Nail Polish in Fluro Euro

I've only had this on a day, so I can't really tell you anything about how this polish wears. But I simply couldn't wait to post about it because it's just so pretty! It reminds me of summer and how much I want it here now!

If you've not read my previous Playboy posts, I attended the Playboy Makeup Launch in Mayfair earlier on this month and was given a few products in the goodie bag to try. So far I've fallen in love with their Kitten Eyes Liquid Liner, but haven't fallen so hard for their Sleek Lashes Lengthening Mascara. Looking at this polish in the bottle, I didn't think this would be my cup of tea either, but now I've got it on I really love it!

It's quite a thin polish, so you could need a good 3 coats. In the picture above I'm only wearing 2 because I'm lazy, but I can definitely tell close up that it's not quite as opaque as I would like.

Other than that, it applied like a dream. The brush was great quality and the polish itself set to a subtle semi-gloss finish. It looks quite high shine in the picture but I just applied some cuticle oil after realising my poor little fingers were looking a little worse for wear after work.

Generally I really like this polish, and if it wears well and doesn't chip I would definitely consider purchasing some more. I'll be sure to keep your updated with it's chipping status as it wears throughout the week :)

Playboy Nail Polish in Fluro Euro - £2.95 from Direct Cosmetics

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Playboy Sleek Lashes Lengthening Mascara

This is a bit of a funny one. After trying the Playboy Kitten Eyes Liner and absolutely loving it, I figured that this would be great too, but it's not really stood out to me. It gives a sort of natural look rather than a bold statement which wasn't what I expected. I find that it's a lot more volumising than lengthening too, which is strange considering this one is made for lengthening and there is another in the range for volume.

Again, the packaging is sleek and lovely. I like that it's all matte black with a clean look about it.

The wand is bristle instead of plastic which I don't come across that often these days. It reminds me a tiny bit of the Benefit Bad Gal Lash wand as it's quite big and fat. Luckily this wasn't an issue when it comes to applying the product to the lashes. I had visions of it getting smeared on my eyelid initially but the application process went smoothly. Having said that I can't imagine it applying very easily to the bottom lashes. Luckily I don't really wear mascara on my bottom ones that often as it doesn't really suit me.

The formulation seems quite thin which I thought was strange. It's definitely buildable which creates some very pretty and natural volume, but when it comes to length I just don't see it. I had to take a shot of my lashes whilst I was looking upwards so you could get an idea of this mascara. Although it looks quite lengthening in this picture, from a straight on view I don't feel like it has the same effect.

When I think of Playboy, I think of thick, long, voluminous, maybe even slightly OTT lashes and to be honest, I was looking forward to giving a mascara which would help me achieve that look a try. But this is just not that sort of product.

Over all I do still like it. It's just not what I initially thought it might be. I probably wouldn't repurchase it as I've found other mascaras I like more. But if you love really natural, subtle lashes I would certainly recommend you give this a go.

Playboy Sleek Lashes Lengthening Mascara - £8.23 from Amazon

Monday, 21 April 2014

Birchbox Review - Campos De Ibiza Moisturising Almond Body Milk

I've been clearing my stash of body products recently in my Project Pan. I feel like they've been building up beyond control. But generally there's nothing more enjoyable than trying out a new body lotion, butter or souffle when I get out of the shower. The real test comes down to how long the hydration lasts, how quickly it absorbs and how pleasant the scent is.

In my Birchbox this month I was given a sample of the Moisturising Almond Body Milk shown above. Naturally this went straight to the test after showering that evening. The first thing I noticed was how runny the product is. They aren't lying when they say it's a milk!

The hydration is definitely short term. It lasts for around 24 hours and then you're going to want to top up. However, it did say on the product description card which came with the Birchbox that you're meant to use this on a daily basis. Personally I find that to be a huge faff so it's not really appealing to me - though the light hydration might be quite nice for those warmer months when you don't want to get greased up and sticky.

It absorbs very quickly which is a definite bonus. After applying it my legs looked a lot smoother and nicer. I think this might be due to the rosewater in the lotion which helps to soothe and calm the skin.

The smell is very spa-like. It's quite herbal and creamy and I really love it. It certainly lingers on the skin but it's not a heavy, overpowering fragrance - simply subtle and light.

Over all I think this will be a nice product to use in the summer. I can't say I've fallen in love with it and would re-purchase it but it's a nice easy product to use for those days when you're on the go.

Campos De Ibiza Moisturising Almond Body Milk - from Birchbox

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Playboy Kitten Eyes Precision Liquid Eyeliner

It has been many years since I've worn liquid eyeliner on a regular basis. It used to be my eyeliner of choice as I felt like pencil was too smudgy and I didn't even know gel existed. L'Oreal Paris' Carbon Gloss was definitely up there as my favourite because the applicator was sturdy and easy to control. The high gloss finish really appealed as well. It made the liner look more intense and pigmented which was the exact look I was trying to achieve. 

I stopped wearing it because I couldn't be bothered with the faff of applying it every day. However, when I swatched this liner at the Playboy Makeup Launch in London, I instantly fell in love. The pigmentation looked fabulous and the longevity seemed to be pretty impressive. I was lucky enough to receive one in my goodie bag that evening and have been putting it through it's paces at home for a while now.

The first thing I love about this product is the packaging. The design is really simple and clean. The bottle is sleek and the pink Playboy scripture is classy. 

The applicator is long thin brush. Normally I prefer a flexible felt tip nib like the Carbon Gloss one had, but this brush actually works really well. You can tell it's amazing quality because gives a very clean and precise line. You can gently use the end for a fine line, apply a little pressure for a thicker, fuller line, or use the brush on its side which is my personal favourite, to get a thin to thick line which makes applying to product neatly very easy!

The pigmentation is absolutely outstanding. I love how jet black is looks and it's super glossy! L'Oreal eat your heart out. This picture really doesn't do it justice.

What's amazing is that you can layer the liner without it removing what was already there - incredible.

Once you've applied the product, it will not budge which is both amazing and annoying. Of course, when you're wearing a liquid liner you don't want it to smudge, but you don't want to be rubbing at your eyes in the evening to get it off either, which has sometimes happened to me. Another downside is that the product can get caught in your lashes when you're applying it. If you let it dry, it acts like glue and sticks your lashes together. Trust me when I say you don't want that to happen as it can be a real nightmare to get out. Does that put me off this product though? Absolutely not!

This has to be my favourite liner that I've found since L'Oreal's Carbon Gloss. I really strongly recommend it to girls that suffer with their eyeliner wearing off throughout the day - especially if you've got oily lids like me. This stuff will last as long as you can and is super easy to use.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Playboy Kitten Eyes Precision Liquid Eyeliner - £3.95 from Direct Cosmetics

Friday, 18 April 2014

Empties #6


I've finished up a load more products! Some are standard, but there are some new products thrown in for good measure. Find out my thoughts in the video below and let me know your opinions if you've tried the products in the comments below :)

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone!

This Week's Wish List

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Birchbox Review - NOTD - ColorClub Nail Lacquer in Aquamarine Azulino

It feels like it's been such a long while since I received a nail polish in my Birchbox, so this was a lovely and refreshing change. Having said that, Color Club is a pretty standard brand for Birchbox. This is my third lacquer since making my subscription. So far I've had Mod in Manhattan (a light yellow) and Put A Pin In It (a sparkly gold). This shade definitely sparks a change from all the rest.

Aquamarine Azulino is one of four shades designed by Gala Gonzalez, a spanish-born blogger, in the Gala's Gems collection. The other colours from the line include a pink, green and neutral nude. I feel like perhaps the pink or nude would have been more to my taste as to me this blue looks a little garish. I'm not one for brights at the best of times, so bright blue is definitely quite a shock to the system. Having said that, the polish is a lot more creamy and pastel compared to how it comes across in the picture.

The formulation itself has quite a creamy satin/pearl finish. It's seriously opaque, with one coat near-enough giving a complete look. Having said that, I found the polish to be closer to wall paint in texture when applying it. Perhaps this helps to create the hard-wearing creamy finish which I actually really like. In the picture above I am wearing two coats just to give the final manicure a streak-free finish. I certainly wouldn't say it was very glossy, so a topcoat is certainly needed. Out of interest I've been testing the polish without a topcoat to see how well it lasts and I'm really surprised with its longevity. After 3 days of wear, there is only the smallest of chipping along the ends of my nails which isn't really that noticeable unless you look quite closely. 

Other than the colour, the packaging is very nice. I like the new logo and how sleek and classic the bottle looks now. 

I'm not sure I'd rush to wear this again as it's not really my cup of tea, but I'd certainly be interested in try some other shades from Color Club to spice up my collection this spring.

Color Club Nail Lacquer Gala's Gems Collection - £15 for set of 4 from Birchbox

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Beauty Wish List #26

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

Getting a freebie in a magazine is one of my favourite things - especially when it's from a well known brand that I've seen around and have been curious about.

Elle magazine were giving away a free Percy & Reed hair care product with their magazine a month or two ago, so I picked up their Wonder Balm. The basis of this product is to prep your hair for any other styling products or tools you wish to use.

On it's own, it claims to give you moisture, shine, smoothness, definition, softness, light hold, humidity protection and manageability. It can be used in wet or dry hair but I have only ever used it in damp towel-dried locks.

Honestly, I feel like this product is a bit of a gimmick. I see it as a primer for your hair, like a primer would work on your face before foundation. But the honest truth is that I don't really see much difference after using this balm. If I suddenly stopped using this product I'm not terribly sure I would notice the difference.

If I stretched myself I could perhaps say that my hair felt quite moisturised and not dry like straw, but that would be it. I really don't see an increase in any of the other areas it claims to help with.

Have you tried this product yet? What were your thoughts?

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm - £18 from BeautyBay

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler


I've always been one for straightening my hair. I tried curling it in many different ways when I was younger but I always ended up looking like a deranged, Medusa version of myself. I think that was the point where I accepted that my hair was far too thick to do anything with.

But as I've grown older, I've found different hair cuts and that's really helped with the way I style my hair now. I often get it thinned at the salon, and always have layers put in to give my hair a little extra lift.

Since then I've been playing around with my GHDs - learning how to curl my hair that way. Having said that, I still didn't think it was worth my time and money to invest in a wand when it always ended up so utterly wrong before. But after thinking about it for a while, I realised that if my hair could cope being curled by my straighteners it shouldn't react differently with a wand - if anything it would make the process a lot easier and I could achieve a lot of different looks.

Around this time, I saw Enrapture doing a twitter competition to win one of their Encode Totem Stylers. I went on their website to do some research on the item and knew instantly that it was the perfect styling tool for me. Although I didn't win the competition, I popped the styler on my Christmas list last year and was treated to one of my own by my parents.


What makes this wand so different from other wands is that it's split into 3 sections. The heat from each of these panels can be controlled by the encoder dial on the handle of the wand. There are 3 settings in total for each section. Therefore you can create a lot off different looks just by switching up or down the heat settings in a specific area.

Personally I'm not one for tight ringlets. I like the more beachy, big and voluminous waves/curls which is why this styler appealed to me -  I could achieve both if with the one tool if I wanted.

A couple of features that appealed to me on the styler were the long handle which makes it easy to grip and the cable connection at the bottom, which swivels round so that you never get wrapped up in the extra long wire. It has a fold up/fold down stand, which protects whatever surface you chose to rest your styler on.


One of the things I thought I wouldn't like about the styler is the clip at the base of the barrel. Usually these give me a crisp crease mark at the bottom of my hair which doesn't look natural or nice. However, this one doesn't seem to do that. I simply clip the hair as close to the bottom as possible, and as I wind the barrel up my hair and away from my face, I gently release the clip and let my hair slide through so that it ends up at the end of the section and there are no crease marks to be seen.

After testing a few different looks out, my favourite has to be using the settings 1, 1, 2. This means that the curl is tighter at the bottom and more loose and relaxed at the top. This is what helps to give me that beachy, relaxed look I'm after without the uptight ringlets.

Because my hair is so incredibly thick, it does take quite a while to work through each section of hair. I generally use pieces that are around 1/2 inch to an inch thick, depending on the section. Unfortunately the clip can't really cope with anything thicker than this. But honestly, I love the results of the styler so much that I would purposefully make sure I give myself enough time to use the styler properly.

Here's the result I get from the 1, 1, 2 settings (excuse the extremely pouty, posey picture).

I really love the end result, but most of all I love the versatility of the styler and the fact that I can create whatever look I want without having to change the size of the barrel or use a different styler.

I can't recommend it enough, and as styling tools go, I definitely think this is one of the more affordable ones.

What's your favourite styler and how do you like your waves? Let me know in the comments below :)

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler - £28.50 from Amazon

Monday, 14 April 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Transformer Argan & Camellia Oil Shampoo & Conditioner


I generally hate getting sachets of product to try out because there's never enough product to get into. Plus, if you want to use it for days on end you have to leave it open and that just creeps me out. But one product I don't mind trying from a sachet is shampoos and conditioners.

I got this Garnier Ultimate Blends set from my Instyle magazine this month and was really interested to test it out. I've seen the promotions for the product in store, but haven't really felt the need to pick it up as I'm quite happy with the hair care routine I have already. But since this was free to try with my mag, I figured it'd be worth while to see if I'm missing out on something great.

I can't say I'm Garnier's biggest fan as I generally don't get on with their products. But after testing their Micellar Cleansing Water and really getting on with it, my faith has been restored and I've been venturing back into the Garnier world.

This product is aimed at dull and dry hair. It contains Argan and Camellia oils to help nourish hair and make it shine. I'm very familiar with Argan but not so much with Camellia so interest was definitely sparked.

The shampoo is a clear gel. Although it does lather rather well, I felt like after my first wash with it, it wasn't as luxurious and creamy in my hair as my usual Herbal Essences. I put this down to the fact that the Garnier shampoo was more gel-like and did my second wash as per usual. 

For some reason I just didn't feel like it was cleaning my hair that well. Usually I can feel the difference after the second wash, but this time my hair just felt a little heavy. I felt like I could feel all the oils laying on my hair, but that didn't put me off surprisingly. I figured that this would really make my hair nourished and I was excited to see the finished result.

The conditioner was more of an orange cream. I applied this to my hair and left it in for around 3-5 minutes which is what I usually do with any conditioner. Once I rinsed this out my hair just felt quite thick and heavy. You could definitely feel a layer coating the hair but it didn't feel dirty or uncomfortable - just a little weighed down.

Once my hair was dry I knew straight away that I didn't like the result. It wasn't the smooth, sleek, shiny hair that I thought it might be. I just looked like a frizz-ball and a little bit frazzled. There was none of the bouncy, weightless feeling that I get from using my usual HE shampoo and that really disappointed me.

After I had left my hair to calm down from the heat, it did get more manageable but it still looked rather dry. I went on to style it with my curling tongs and applied some oil after that to give the waves I'd created a sleek look. After this process I was happy with the outcome.

In the days after testing the shampoo and conditioner I generally felt indifferent about them. My hair did feel clean and didn't look bogged down, but the overall experience wasn't one that wowed me and certainly not one to make me stray from my tried and tested Herbal Essences. 

In conclusion, not for me, but I'd be really interested to hear how you got on if you've tried these products!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan and Camellia Oil Shampoo - £1.94 from Boots
                                                                           Conditioner - £2.79 from Boots

Friday, 11 April 2014

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