Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Body Shop Coconut Shower Body Cream

When I tested out the Coconut Body Milk from The Body Shop I was really surprised at how much I liked it, considering I'm not coconut's biggest fan. However I felt like the scent was really subtle and the product was so lovely in itself that I got on really well with it. Hence why I figured the shower cream above, which came in the same set, would have a similar effect on me. But there's something a little different about the shower cream that I didn't quite get on with.

I think it's the stronger scent on this that didn't work as well for me. Because other than that it lathered like a dream and worked perfectly well. But for a girl who doesn't like Coconut, this was always going to be a hit or miss. If you're wondering why I have this if I don't like coconut, it's because my lovely best friend bought it me for a belated Christmas present. I instantly couldn't wait to try it because she had bought me a Cranberry Joy gift set for my birthday which I am now addicted to, and I had high hopes I'd feel the same about this set. But unfortunately I don't feel like this is the right product for me. I'd be happy to use the body milk again but the scent on this shower cream wasn't my favourite. It wasn't horrible by any stretch of the imagination - just not what I would pick up for myself.

If you love coconut and have tried this, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. It would be great to get a coconut lover's perspective on the situation :)

The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream - £4 from The Body Shop


  1. I love the body shop! I cant wait to try the coconut body milk as i have a big interest in coconut based products!
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  2. I go through phases with the coconut shower gel - it's so thick and rich but then too rich for me at times x


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