Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Project Pan Update #1

If you saw my video a couple of weeks ago, you will know that I started a Project 20 Pan in the efforts to try and finish products before I start new ones. I gave myself a variety of products, from haircare, makeup, skincare and body care to choose from and these are the first 5 which I've finished.

It's so satisfying to finish something but it can be really rewarding too. For example, most of the Mac packaging including the foundation above can be returned to store along with 5 other Mac empties for a free lipstick. Now that's the sort of perk I like.

My Project Pan updates are going to rotate from blog post to video. In these updates I plan to reveal my final thoughts on the items and whether they are worth repurchasing or not. 

If you're doing a project pan yourself, definitely let me know in the comments below so I can check out what you're using up and how it worked for you :)

1) Aussie Take The Heat Leave In Spray - £4.99 from Tesco - I've used a bunch of these in the past and always really enjoyed them. But I prefer to switch things up when it comes to my haircare routine so that I don't get stuck in a rut and my hair doesn't get too used to one product. The Aussie Take The Heat Leave In Spray smells lovely and really leaves your hair feeling silky soft. It's far superior to the Leave In Cream version which I have tried. The spray is a lot more lightweight and leaves my hair free to move. The product I've moved on to is Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray which is working really well for me at the moment. It's brilliant for spraying in dry hair when I am about to straighten it and doesn't make my hair greasy fast like some sprays have. I probably wouldn't return to Aussie's Take The Heat as I feel like there are plenty more products on the market to try and I was loyal to it for so many years that it's time for a change.

2) Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Leave In Conditioner - £15 from Birchbox - I have such a weird relationship with this product. It's everything I want in a haircare product for a couple of days and then the journey turns on it's head (excuse the pun). To start off with it smells heavenly. It literally smells like you're spraying candy floss into your hair. I LOVE it! It's so addictive. Plus it has tonnes of hair benefits. It's basically an accessible version of the Miracle It's A 10 Hair Product. However it can make your hair really heavy and greasy quite quickly. I have thick hair and even mine gets to that uncomfortable stage. I would have thought thick hair could cope with it better so if I had thin hair I reckon I'd be in a real mess. Maybe the key is to use it sparingly. On top of that, the product seems to keep exploding out of the bottle around the lid. I don't know if that would happen on a full-sized product or whether that's just something to do with my sample but it's pretty annoying. Over all I probably won't buy this again even though there are certain aspects of it that I completely adore. It's a tricky one.

3) Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - £21.50 from Mac - I've been using this foundation since I was 18 and it's probably one of my longest standing products in my makeup bag. I always hated powder foundation as it never really kept my combo/oily skin at bay and was rubbish at giving coverage. But liquid foundations just made my skin greasy and break out so I was in a lose/lose situation. I used Mac's Mineralize Liquid Foundation for a little while before discovering this powder but it just wasn't cutting it. However Mac had been a great brand for me in the past, so I took a leap of faith and tried out one of their powders instead. I haven't turned back since. The foundation controls the oils in my skin all day. It's super buildable coverage and feels as light as air. It's honestly one of the best beauty products I've discovered, so I strongly recommend it to other girls with skin like mine. I know many don't like powders because of the coverage aspect, like I used to, but this is seriously worth a try. If you're dead set on liquids though, Estee Lauder Double Wear is a great alternative.

4) Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me Gentle Skin Buffer - £3.99 from Tesco - There's not too much to say about this product. I wasn't overly keen about it from the first use. It's really thin and runny, and the beads don't do that great of a job at exfoliating the skin. It smelt really lovely, like orange and grapefruit, but that's the only thing I particularly liked about it. Wouldn't repurchase.

5) Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - £20 from Kiehls - After reading many reviews on this product I had to give it a go for myself. I knew from the beginning that it was bigger on its hydration qualities than preventing or helping with fine lines and wrinkles. Usually I like a cream that do both, so that I can prevent and hydrate whilst I'm young. Therefore whilst using this product I alternated with another to help get the best of both worlds. Having now used it up I feel like I wasn't fussed on it. It definitely did a good job of hydrating my eye area, but I feel like that's all it really did for me. I certainly prefer the Clarins Extra Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream over this one as it's an all in one product that will be beneficial in the long run. The Clarins product is almost double the price but personally I feel like it's worth every penny.

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