Monday, 24 March 2014

Let's Bake - Oat & Raisin Cookies

My next baking adventure was to make cookies - a change from the usual cakes and brownies I lean towards. But to me it seemed to make sense, since my family always cave and buy cookies with the weekly shop. Why not bake our own? - know all the ingredients that go into them and hopefully get some more enjoyment out of it. 

Personally I've tried to be more healthier with my lifestyle. I've added some light exercise into my daily routine and generally try to steer clear from yummy foods that are bad for me, even if I do slip some times under bad influences.. But baking these means I can get enjoyment out of spending time with my dad and of course I'll be eating one or two as well. I just tell myself it's better when they're at least homemade.. right? 


I got the recipe from Delia this time. You can check out the instructions and ingredients here.


The only thing you could say I have altered are the oats. The recipe states oatmeal and I've bought porridge oats. I was assured by my dad that they were pretty much the same thing, and since we went to a fair few supermarkets and couldn't find this allusive oatmeal, the porridge oats had to do.


The first step to make the cookies is to melt your butter on a low heat in a small saucepan. Easy peasy!


When your butter is melted and cooling, whisk up one large egg. You need to make sure the butter has cooled because you'll be adding the egg to it and you don't want it to cook and scramble!


Once you think it's cooled enough, add the egg and stir. You'll now be adding this to all the dry ingredients.

Pop all the other ingredients into a big bowl...

Pour over the eggy-buttery goodness..


And stir into what is meant to be a paste. This is where I get confused because mine was so far from a paste it was ridiculous! I'm not sure if this is the point where I should realise that Oatmeal would make a difference, but I just went with the flow anyways. If yours looks like this too, don't panic :)

Lightly grease a baking tray. Then take some of the mixture in your hand and press it together. Surprisingly it does hold better than I thought it would. It's still slightly crumbly but nothing disastrous.

Cook the cookies at 180C for 16-18 mins on the middle shelf.

Finally I'm left with something that looks like this. They're pretty rustic and certainly not what I expected them to look like, but they're actually alright. They have a chew which I like and you can definitely tell they are homemade which gives them a certain charm - or so I like to think.

If you give these a go, I'd love to know how you get on :)

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  1. OOh those looks and sound yummy, i'm all about a slightly healthy-ish snack atm :)

    Sophie x


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