Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Blogger Of The Month - Charlotte from Ever In May

This month's blogger was so easy to pick. Just like the previous two bloggers, Charlotte from Ever In May has created a website to aspire for. Clean sleek design, concise reviews, picture perfect photography and an excellent swatching technique.

I find it hard to do these posts now without repeating what I said from the month before, as it seems pretty obvious that there is a pattern occurring with the type of blogs I like to read. Therefore I think it might be best to focus on a couple of posts they have done and why I like them, which might give you an idea of what gets me hooked on them and what I look for in a beautiful blog.

One of my favourite posts by Charlotte is one she did very recently on the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 110.

What I like so much about this post is that she's wearing the lipstick, so it's really easy to get an idea of what it would look like on, rather than seeing a swatch of it on the wrist. Secondly, she talks about how you can double the lipstick up as a really pretty pop of colour on the cheeks, and proceeds to demonstrate that in the photos too. I always love when you can learn new things and get new ideas from bloggers, so this instantly got me hooked.

Another post I liked was her 'Perfect Nude Lip for Pale Girls.'

Above all, posts that I can relate to and that I feel speak to me personally are ones I enjoy the most. Being a pale girl with dark brown hair like Charlotte means that I completely relate to her post about finding it hard to achieve the perfect nude lip without looking deathly. I now really want to try the two lip products she recommended as they look incredibly beautiful on her.

Finally, I enjoyed her post on the Sephora UK Delivery Launch and Wish List.

I know quite a lot of bloggers did posts like this when it was revealed that Sephora would now be shipping to the UK. But what I liked specifically about Charlotte's was the attention to detail. In her post she details all about the shipping charges, and includes information on how long it's taken for other people to get their parcels. I almost feels like reading a bunch of different blog posts rolled into one. Plus, instead of just showing you what she would buy from the website herself, she gives you a brief low-down on why she wants them too. I now officially want to try out the Josie Maran Cheek Gelee and Makeup Forever's Aqua Brow... Like I need more encouragement to spend pennies I shouldn't! Haha.

So yes, in general I think Ever In May is a little bit fabulous and you're certainly crazy if you're not following Charlotte already. I definitely felt like a bit of a fool when I realised I hadn't discovered her part of the web sooner. Don't make the same mistake I did and miss out! Head over there now and tell her I sent you :)

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