Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Birchbox Review - Christopher Wicks English Laundry No7 For Her

This is definitely more of a first impressions review as I only actually received this in my March Birchbox today. But i've been wearing it since it came so I figured I'd write a little post on it tonight. After all, I feel like perfumes are pretty easy to get to grips with after a day or so. You know how long the scent will last, how it smells on your skin and over all if you're going to have any reactions to it. I've tried Christopher Wicks perfume before as the Pour Femme English Laundry fragrance came in my Birchbox a few months back and I liked that. Therefore I had high hopes that I would like this and that I probably wouldn't react badly to it either.

Although this is a pleasant scent, I definitely prefer Pour Femme to this No7 version. The original one I tried was a bit more sharp and distinctive whereas the No7 above just reminds me of an expensive smelling bathroom. That is by no means meant to make it sound unpleasant because it's quite the opposite. It's floral, soapy and clean. But for some reason it just doesn't pull me in and wow me. It's not something I get hooked on when I smell it. To be honest it does smell a little heavy for me at times. Having said that, it's certainly at its strongest for the first 3 hours. Once this period has gone it mellows and gives a much gentler fragrance.

Notes include:
Top Notes - Pear, Melon, Apricot, Jasmine Blossom and Gardenia
Bottom Notes - Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk

From looking at the notes I'm surprised in myself for not liking it. It's intriguing to me that this perfume is meant to be so fruity and yet all I can smell is the heavy floral scents with some lingering Vanilla.

No7 was originally made for men, as Christopher Wicks is best known for male fragrances. However he tweaked this perfume to create the female version which is meant to be a lot lighter and fruity, with a hidden manly musk. Honestly, I'm not a fan and wouldn't purchase it myself, but I'm definitely intrigued to find out who likes it and why. If you received this in your Birchbox this month, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Christopher Wicks English Laundry No7 For Her - £48 for 50ml from Birchbox

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