Monday, 31 March 2014

At first sight - Sephora Wish List

I know I'm pretty late on the bandwagon when it comes to sharing my Sephora wish list now that Sephora ships to the UK (*cough* about time!). But needless to say I went on the website and had a little browse at what I would purchase, given half the chance/if I was made of money!

I know that shipping to the UK costs around £10 for orders over £75 but that already sounds pretty darn pricey to me. I'm hoping that one way or another the rates will be able to come down slightly to make the products a little bit more accessible. But for now I'll enjoy the temptation of buying the bits featured underneath.

If you've done a Sephora wish list, please link them up below so I can have a nosey :)

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