Monday, 3 February 2014

Rings & Tings Jewellery

I've never really been one for costume jewellery. I own a select few special pieces which I wear on a daily basis but other than that I don't tend to indulge in jewellery very often. I just feel like items similar to the ones above can often be really expensive and that is money I could have spent getting something a bit more valuable. Places like Topshop and Miss Selfridge often have items necklaces and rings which I like but I always feel like I'm getting ripped off every time I make a purchase. Having said all that, I really should invest as having a special piece to accessorise with can often completely spice up an outfit or change it completely. 

Rings & Tings is the perfect site for a girl like me. The variety of jewellery is endless and I can browse it at my leisure, in the comfort of my pjs on my own couch, bed, wherever really! But what's most important, apart from the fabulous designs, is that everything is completely affordable!

You could literally get anything - from something chunky and statement to something delicate and thoughtful. They cater to pretty much everyones taste. Personally I'm a less-is-more type of girl and generally like the style of Dogeared jewellery. I often find pieces in places such as Urban Outfitters that are petite and completely up my street, but again they are generally quite pricey. Rings & Tings take away that issue by providing me with the exact items I want with the quality you would find in a high-street shop! 

And they don't stop there! They also stock a cute range of clothing, bags, shoes... The list is endless.

I picked out a few jewellery pieces to share with you. My favourite is the triangle gold and green necklace*. I don't often like gold jewellery but this piece does it for me completely. 

I think this specific necklace is sold out but you can buy a single triangle one here or a block colour triangle version here.


I can't recommend this website enough if you are looking for an affordable way to spice up your wardrobe or if you're simply an accessory addict. Rings & Tings is the hidden gem of the online shopping world.

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