Saturday, 15 February 2014

Birchbox Review - Anatomy Nutrients Body Oil with Sunflower and Rosewood

January's Birchbox wasn't anything very special. Most of the products were double-ups of ones I had been given previously. I think there was a mistake at HQ. Either way, I pushed that box to one side and didn't really pay it too much attention. But when cleaning my room, I came across it again and figured I would have another look inside. That is when I discovered this Anatomy Nutrients Body Oil, one of the few products in the box I'd never had before. 

After reading up about it, I found out that it's 100% natural, non-animal tested, allergen-free and vegan. It aims to hydrate the skin, relax muscles, stimulate skin cells and reduce the look of cellulite. Personally I din't really know how I was going to measure the skin cell stimulation but I figured the other factors could be tested. I have a few trouble areas when it comes to cellulite, as I'm sure every girl over 20 can relate to. The top back of the leg can be a devil. Therefore I decided to test it there and pretty much everywhere else to see how the product lived up to it's claims.

As I expected, the oil was very greasy. In fact I could still feel the residue on my skin 24 hours after applying it. This is something I hate about using body oils. Yes, the product made me skin feel soft and gorgeous but I can't stand the oily it leaves me with. As for treating cellulite, I think we shall give that one a miss. I see no difference whatsoever. Maybe after prolonged use there might be some change, but from using the sample, I can't report any results.

I do like the fact that my skin felt beautiful after the oil had sunk in but I can't be bothered with the faff of waiting for it to absorb. Therefore I doubt I'll be purchasing this product in full size.

Did you get this in your Birchbox? What's your opinion?

Anatomy Nutrients Body Oil - £9.50 from Birchbox

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