Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish

I loved the Cranberry Joy Body Polish so much that I ended up making a trip back to The Body Shop to investigate the other scents. From their limited edition Christmas range I figured that Ginger Sparkle would win out by far, but it turned out that this scent was way more appealing. I've grown extremely fond of all things vanilla recently - perfumes, body care, coffee. There's just something so sweet and warming about the fragrance which is exactly what I need in January.

Just like the Cranberry version, the scrub element is extremely gentle. I'm guessing that the exfoliating particles are bits of the Vanilla pod, as the fruit seeds were in the other version. Having said that, Vanilla Bliss is a lot more creamier than the gel-like texture of Cranberry Joy. As you can imagine, this leads to a much more luxurious lather. This polish could even double up as a body wash if you were looking for a gentle exfoliation all over. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and is certainly a product that can be used every day without any issues. As I like to take my showers before bed, it's nice that the fragrance is quite cosy and relaxing. Baring that in mind, I would recommend the Cranberry Body Polish for a morning wash.

As this is limited edition, I definitely recommend you pick it up quickly before it sells out. It's come down to half price which is a complete and utter bargain. A little does go a long way so I can imagine this product lasting me quite a while.

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish - £5 from The Body Shop


  1. This sounds gorgeous, I love anything Vanilla scented! x


    1. It's heaven! I'm with you with the Vanilla! xxo


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