Wednesday, 15 January 2014

L'Oreal Studio Line Boost and Gloss Volume Mousse

I bought this product a few months back when I was having a little shopping splurge online at Superdrug. It caught my eye as I've used a similar product by L'Oreal before. I used to have their Studio Line Hot Volume Mousse, but I believe that they discontinued that a while back. It was absolutely incredible at giving you in-your-face root-lifting volume. In fact I've never discovered anything else like it. That's exactly why I figured I would pick up this Boost and Gloss Volume Mousse in the hope that it would give me the same insane volume of the Hot Volume product, with the gloss and shine that I look for in all my haircare products.

Unfortunately this just doesn't live up to the high hopes and expectations it created.

Although this product does give my hair a really glossy finish, I just don't see much body at all. With their previous mousse, you could physically feel the lift - like someone was holding your hair up from the root! There was instant oomph and volume that was completely unbeatable - almost over the top. Now L'Oreal have produced a very natural boost but it misses the added wow. Perhaps with thinner hair it would create more of an impact but with my thick and heavy locks, it doesn't really shift anything.

However, what it does lack in volume it makes up for in shine. My hair looks healthy and glossy from root to tip. It feels silky smooth, soft and extremely touchable. But honestly, I wouldn't repurchase this just for the shine. I already have other products in my haircare routine that would do just as good of a job.

Over all I just find this to be a bit disappointing. I hate it when brands get rid of something incredible and replace it with something which isn't that great. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Have you tried anything from L'Oreal's revamped Studio Line?

L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Boost and Gloss Volume Mousse - £3.69 from Superdrug

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