Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Eyeko Skinny Mini Black Liquid Eyeliner

One of the perks you receive when buying from BeautyBay is the chance to upgrade your order to a premium package. By doing this not only is your parcel shipped out faster from the warehouse, but you also receive a deluxe luxury sample too. This comes at a cost of £1.50 but I can never say no. Therefore when I ordered my Beauty Blender Cleanser the other week, I clicked that magic little tick box to upgrade and this little one arrived in the post.

I rarely wear eyeliner these days if I'm honest with you. I used to wear gel liner on my top lash line religiously but stopped at the beginning of university. Before the days of discovering gel liner, I was a huge fan of the L'Oreal Carbon Gloss Liquid Liner as the ink was incredibly black and the applicator was simple and easy to use. I felt like using this product would be reminiscent of those days and may relight my fire and passion for liners again.

I like the simplicity of the felt-tip applicator. There is no problem with dipping the wand back into the pot for more product as it's there ready and waiting for you in theory. The pen is easy to hold and the packaging is quite simple and sleek, which I'm happy with.

From testing the pen out on my hand I could see that the nib is able to create both thick and thin lines which is lovely as I like to be able to choose which look I want to go for that day. Over all things were looking up.

Having said that, as I wore this product over time I certainly noticed some flaws. I like my liners to be jet black but this one seemed slightly dull to me. It was rather hard to get the product out of the pen at times as well. You can't shake it or squeeze it to coax more ink to run through, so I found it frustrating waiting for the pen to work at times. I'm not sure if that's because it's a sample and therefore not as much product was provided?

Another problem I found was that it was hard to layer the product. It seemed to rub off the previous liner every time you went to do any touch-ups which ground my gears a little. In addition, the longevity of the product wasn't fabulous. It started to crack and wear off after a few hours and certainly didn't look too great after my 6-7 hour day. I definitely looked forward to taking it off as it just looked messy and cakey.

In general I wasn't blown away by this liner. I liked the idea of easy application and the nib making it relatively easy to get the thickness you desire but other than that it left me wanting something more - something better. Personally I wouldn't recommend it as I feel that L'Oreal's Carbon Gloss Liquid Liner wins out over this one every time.

Eyeko Skinny Mini Black Liquid Eyeliner - £10 from Beautybay


  1. I got this liner free with a magazine and it was perfectly jet black for a day or too, but then it got all watery and grey, bleh !

    Sophie x

    1. How strange. I've not had problems with it going grey. It's more that it will just stop working all together which is so frustrating. Can't stand a liner that doesn't stay black though! xxo

  2. I hate this eyeliner! I only used it once & it was really dry and there was practically no colour to it!

    1. That such a shame! The colours not really been an issue for me but I completely agree about it being dry! xxo


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