Saturday, 28 December 2013

Birchbox Review - Number Four Jour D'automne Non Aerosol Hair Spray

I wasn't overly fussed with trying this product to start with, as I'm not really a hairspray user. I like to run my fingers through my locks and hate the thought of it looking stiff and crisp. The only time I'm tempted to lean over and sprtiz a bit is when my fringe is driving me potty and I want it to stay out of my face!

Having said that, a week ago I was curling my hair for a night out and thought I would spray a bit of this product onto my hair to help the curls last throughout the evening. This hair spray is made unique by it's non-aerosol qualities. This makes it a lot kinder to the environment which is always a nice bonus.

As soon as I pressed the pump down I thought I'd been transported to a men's cologne shop! The hair spray has a really strong perfumed scent scent and it's one of it's selling points in my eyes, though my mums not so keen. The nozzle definitely creates an even mist but it certainly gets everywhere! This definitely isn't a direct use product. One spray will probably cover half your head! It gives a gentle hold to start with, but the more you spray the stronger the hold will get. It will make your hair crispy if you spray too much but with the right amount I feel that it looks natural and gives a subtle shine too. 

Personally I like this for giving me a lightweight hold - a style that I can still run my fingers through if I wanted too. I know most people will scamper at the thought of a hair spray that doesn't necessarily hold every piece in place, but for days when I want a soft curl, this is perfect. A simple mist holds my curl in place but lets them move around in the breeze too, which makes it look and feel natural.

Over all this is a thumbs up for me. I would probably buy this again if I ran out but it's not necessarily an everyday staple as I don't tend to need hair spray that often. Having said that, if I did I wouldn't be reaching to any other product than this. To me, that says it all.

Number Four Jour D'automne Non Aerosol Hair Spray - from Birchbox


  1. I Got the same thing in mine!

    Not something I'm used to. My mind hears hairspray and sees a can. lol

    1. I know what you mean. Me too! But I'm loving this product for sure. xxo

  2. I'm yet to try this but I hope I'm going to love it!


    1. Tried it yet? Did you love it? I hope so!! xxo


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