Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Di Palomo Christmas Gift Sets 2013

First off, apologies for the slightly crazy lighting in these pictures. I've been out working during a lot of the daylight hours, earning my crust. It turns out that the sun waits for no man.. or woman in winter, so the photos were taken whilst the last glimpses of light faded. #bloggerproblems

Puts Soft Box on Christmas list... Anyways..

As many of you know, I really like the Di Palomo brand. I've tried a varied amount of products by them in the past - from Candles to Body Butter and Perfume. I never get tired of their great quality, fantastic scents, and frankly uber-cute packaging, which leads me nicely on to the cracker* above.

How incredibly adorable is this little sweetheart?! Full to the brim with pampering products which would make any lady's day! Christmas is the perfect time to relax, find time to yourself and enjoy indulging. If you don't want fill up with chocolate, the Orange Blossom with Wild Honey and Olive cracker would be a great way to indulge in a different sense. You could buy it for yourself or as a gift. It's incredibly affordable and is no doubt guaranteed to make you feel treated.

This celebration cracker contains a Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion and Cleansing Bar. Each item is packaged in clean white containers with a delicate blossom and olive design printed on each piece.

This product sings all the right words to me - Shea Butter, Moisture, Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Honey, Blossom, Finest Ingredients - just apply it all over!

I spotted similar Di Palomo sets in John Lewis the other week, so if you want to get your hands on one, they're incredibly easy to find. Alternatively you can browse the range of Orange Blossom on Di Palomo's website and individually select items from their extensive range. I recommend looking at their perfumes. The Wild Fig and Grape one I have is heavenly!

Gift sets from £9 - £22

Speaking of pamper, next up we have the Indulgent Pamper Pack* with scents of White Grape and Aloe. What's not to love?

This product is very similar to the Celebration Cracker. However these products are a lot bigger. The cracker could be considered as more of a stocking filler, whereas this pamper pack contains a considerable amount of product.

You get a Moisturising Body Wash, Hand and Nail Cream and Cleansing Bar like before. The keywords for these products are Shea Butter, oils, toning and soothing, Aloe Extracts, luxurious and moisturising. If those don't go tick, tick, tick in a beauty lovers mind, I'm not sure what will.

Both of these sets would make really lovely gifts for your mum, sister, friend, aunt.. Guaranteed to make the recipient feel special.

Gift Sets from £9 - £22

If you're interested in these sets, keep your eyes peeled on my Christmas Gift Guides as I may be giving away one at some point over the next few weeks!

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