Friday, 15 November 2013

Cosmo Author Masterclass and Goody Bag!

Last Monday I attended Cosmopolitan's first ever Author Masterclass. After enoying their Careers Masterclass earlier this year, I was eager to go along to this event and see what tips I could pick up for perusing a career in writing.

I have always been interested in being an author. It's not just something I've considered, but something I really want to for-fill. I often used to write short stories for my own enjoyment or for my parents and friends. The love for sharing this part of my imagination grows all the time, so this seemed like the perfect event for me.

If you would like to see my video on the Careers Masterclass hosted in April (which was incidentally my first ever Youtube video, so bare that in mind), you can see that here.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy hearing the tips I picked up from the Author Masterclass, and of course snooping through my goody bag!

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