Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Birchbox Review - Christopher Wicks: English Laundry Pour Femme

Everyone and their grandma knows how much I love perfume. A fragrance can take me back to a year or a moment in my life, which makes it one of the most important parts of my daily routine. I carefully select the fragrance of the day to suit the mood I'm in and which memory I would like with me. Does that sound weird? Either way, my passion for perfume has verged on obsession and I now own more bottles that I care to admit. I am therefore trying to condense my collection down to a select few and feel that when I allow myself to purchase some more, this may be on the top of my list.

The first reason why I like Christopher Wick's English Laundry is because it's not going to be well known. Sure, everyone that's subscribed to Birchbox this month will have received a sample. But overall I doubt someone would be able to tell me what I was wearing from walking past me. It's not a recognisable scent that you will be smelling a thousand times over on every female in the shops this Christmas. It's unique and unknown which makes it of huge appeal.

The second reason why this fragrance appeals to me is the bottle. A bottle can make or break a scent for me. Yeah, that's a bit fickle but who wants a tacky looking monstrosity on their vanity? Not me, that's for sure. The packaging of the sample is ok, although the cardboard covering is poorly designed as the grey on pink is hard to read. However, from research the bottle looks simple and sophisticated. It's not over complicated and actually, if you added a bow to the front it would look a lot like the old Miss Dior Cherie bottle! Tick. (See below)

But over all, it's the scent that sells it. Clearly a part of this fragrance, whether it's the musk or powdery note takes me back to a time where I feel happy. Maybe it's the fact that it smells a little like fresh laundry. Perhaps it smells like a freshner my mum used to use on my clothes as a child. I'm not over sure but something about it is very familiar and is calling out to me.

Top Notes - Rose, Geranium and Creamy White Flower
Base Notes - Woody Spice and Musk

The scent is so delicate. Although it's described as laden with floral notes, that wasn't my first reaction to it. It just smelt very powdery and musky - comforting.  If you're typically not a fan of strong rose scents, please don't let that stop you testing this out. I definitely feel like it'll be one to surprise you.

The gift set for this, though pretty pricey, is rather lovely. It would make a fabulous gift for your mum this Christmas. Having said that, I would be more than happy to receive this as a gift myself. I only note that it's definitely more of a mature scent. Although it does have a sweet edge, it certainly doesn't smell like you just walked into a candy store which some younger fragrances can do.

Over all it's a beautiful perfume and I'm really happy I got introduced to it by Birchbox. Yet another fabulous product I have found through my monthly subscription box.

I might go ahead and make a cheeky purchase of the purse spray as it's pretty affordable. I recommend checking the Birchbox shop out if you're interested in buying this as I think it might be a little difficult to get hold of in the UK.

Christopher Wicks English Laundry Pour Femme - £63 for the gift set from Birchbox
                                                                            £47 for the fragrance from Birchbox


  1. I really want to try this, and I totally agree with the bottle making or breaking the perfume, I love nikki minaj's perfume but the bottle is awful :/

    1. Exactly. Have a luxurious looking bottle will always make the product more appealing anyway. But I guess they design for who is most likely to buy it. I'd love to go into the perfume bottle designing business. Maybe I should look into that! lo xxo


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