Saturday, 26 October 2013

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less

First of all, I appreciate that this picture is a little dark. However as it's coming around to halloween, I hope you don't mind. It's because of my little Paddy Pumpkin in the back there :) Let me know if you like him in the comments below!

I've never really bought into products that help you sleep. Normally I'm quite a good sleeper and don't need to resort to any Horlicks or sleeping aids. However when I saw this rollerball mentioned on Vivianna's Youtube Channel, I knew I had to give it a go. I haven't been sleeping so well as of late and have started to wake up multiple times a night. It had got to the point where I really just needed a solid nights sleep if I was going to be of any use to anyone during the day. So I popped out and bought this from Boots, and truth is I like it.

Deep Sleep Stress Less aims to 'clear your head so you can breathe more deeply and stress less'. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? It's 2013 and everyone seems to be stressed now so I can't think of anything better than a stress remedy that will help you sleep better. The product is free from all of those nasties such as mineral oil, parabens, sulphates, colour and fragrance which is a huge plus for me. The  packaging is all eco-friendly too.

I pop a little bit of this oil on my temples before I go to sleep. I smell the oil straight from the rollerball first and put a little on my hand too so that I can smell it again if I want to. The scent is quiet lavender but it also has notes of eucalyptus, frankincense and coconut. I'm surprised that I like it quite as much as I do considering that lavender usually gives me a headache. Something about the scent really is relaxing though.

I have been sleeping so much better after using this. When I wake up I genuinely feel like I've been in a deep sleep. I don't necessarily feel fresher at the moment because it feels like someone's woke me from the depths of my sleeping when I'm not ready. It's probably because I'm still catching up on the well needed kip that I lost. Either way, I have been sleeping straight through with this product which is great.

Having said all that, I do still think that some of it is all in my mind. Yes, I have been sleeping better on a whole. However there have been some nights where I have been rolling around trying to get some sleep and it's just not working. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect rolling a few oils on my temple to help me forget anything that's racing through my mind but I figured it would be a little bit more relaxing than it already is.

So take this with a pinch of salt. I really enjoy this product and it is amazing. I love using it and will continue to use it. But at the same time it's not a miracle worker. If there are some heavy thoughts on your mind it won't help you forget them but it will help you breathe and try to calm down so you can finally get the good nights sleep you need.

If you don't fancy the rollerball, there is always the pillow spray and a range of other different products from this line that you might like to try out.

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less - £12 from Boots


  1. I love things like this to use before bed, I do find lavender scents help me feel calmer and more relaxed. xx

    1. I think the mental process of using this rollerball now gets me ready for bed and almost sets my mind ready for sleep. xxo

  2. Excellent balanced review.
    I love something like this to add to the "ritual" of going to asleep because it puts you in the right mindset :)

    1. Thanks so much :) Exactly. I think it's all about frame of mind and trying to clear it before bed :) xxo


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