Monday, 14 October 2013

NOTD - Jacava Nail Polish in Toffee Apple + Top Coat

2 coats

I'd never tried a Jacava Nail Polish before now so it seemed only fitting to test out a red as my first choice, considering that Christmas Cola advert is driving around the corner and Autumn always reminds me of those red, orange and brown colours. Toffee Apple* is almost Oxblood but there is that really rich dense finish missing which makes it a little bit more seasonal I feel. 

The brand's USP is '8 Free'. Jacava have removed 8 harmful chemicals from their polishes to make them as healthy for the nails as possible without scrimping on the quality. The luxury, quintessentially british brand print their name proudly on each bottle with 22ct gold. Personally I think that part is a little extravagant but it certainly made my polish feel that little bit more special which is definitely the aim.

The product is super opaque. After one coat you could arguably stop there and just paint a top coat before you're ready to go - it's that good. The pigmentation is literally one of the best I have ever tried. The brush is a little thin but covers the nail neatly in 3 easy stripes. It then proceeds to dries ridiculously quick to a super-shine finish. Naturally I feel that the more gloss I can get the better. So for that extra overload I popped on their lovely top coat which really set the whole look off. It's fair to say I was pretty impressed with the polish at this point.

After a couple of days wear there was minor chipping on the ends of my nails, but nothing that you would write home about. It was barely noticeable to anyone but me who was scrupulously looking out for any signs of damage. After a hair wash and a game of tenpin bowling or two, the polish wasn't looking so chic but I wouldn't really expect it to.

Overall I was a little disappointed that it chipped so early on, even though it was only minor. The chipping only got worse from this point onwards and I feel that for the price, the polish should have been able to hold out a little longer. 

Jacava polish is definitely great for girls who like to feel special and switch up their polish multiple times a week. It is less harsh on the surface, dries quickly and looks super glossy - just be prepared for the upkeep, or try a different top coat!

Jacava Nail Polish in Toffee Apple* - £14.50 from Jacava


  1. I have this in pink, it's such a lovely nail varnish and stays on really well! xx

    1. Ooo awesome! It does feel really luxurious :) Early chipping for me is a no no though. I find painting my nails tedious. But I love it when they're finally done so I want them to stay pristine for as long as possible! xxo

  2. Love this color. It really does look like candy apples!

    1. I know :) So festive. Definitely going to wearing this a lot in December :) xxo

  3. Never heard of this brand before, but I'm loving the colour of this so may have to see if I can track it down to give it a try :) xx


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