Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub

I've really got my self on the fence about the Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub*. I love the end result that it gives but getting there isn't an enjoyable process in my eyes. I just can't make my mind up about if it's amazing or slightly disappointing.

Like any other scrub, this product aims to exfoliate the skin. It's great to do this once a week as buffs away dead skin cells to reveal a new soft layer. When I use a scrub and then shave my legs afterwards, I'm always left with baby soft skin which is completely incredible. This product contains jojoba oil which really nourishes the skin. The scrub itself is a celeb favourite, used by the likes of Kelly Brook and Alesha Dixon.

I really love the packaging that it comes in. It can be a bit of a faff to open the clasp and scoop out product in the shower but I still love it as it makes the product feel so much more luxurious. The product itself feels incredibly thick and luxurious which made me instantly want to try it.

When I used it for the first time I was shocked by how abrasive the scrub actually is. I was previously using the Etat Pur Exfoliating Shower Body Cream which is incredibly light in comparison. Etat's scrub is more of a micro-bead consistency whereas this Sanctuary product contains large, sometimes harsh pieces of salt. It didn't hurt to massage the product in but my legs stung under the hot water when I rinsed it off. This to me was a sign of over-exfoliation.

Another thing that I noticed was how thick the oil was. I was left with a heavy film on my legs even after I'd attempted to wash the product off. This coated the bottom of my shower and made it incredibly slippy. I nearly fell over a couple of times so I'm guessing this would be a lot better to use in the bath. Once you are towel dry the oily residue does disappear. My skin did feel moisturised but I didn't feel like that lasted so I do moisturise with a body butter afterwards as an added step. 

After all that, you are actually left with seriously soft and smooth skin. They say no pain, no gain but I'm not sure I like how rough this scrub can be. I will probably use it once a month to really get rid of those dead skin cells but I certainly won't be using it on a more regular basis.

Have you tried this scrub before? Did you like it?

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub* - £11.50 from Boots


  1. I haven't tried this one but I like really abrasive body scrubs, some of the ones I've used aren't enough for me! Maybe I should give this a try! Xx


    1. I reckon this would be perfect for you then! xxo

  2. I usually love the Sanctuary products but haven't had chance to try this one yet. I do like to feel like products are doing their job, but that sounds like it over did the exfoliation a bit haha! Not sure I like the sound of the oily film it leaves on your skin either - though I know you said that did disappear. Not sure if I'll bother giving this ago when there are so many good exfoliators out there! xo

    1. I'm going to try their 4 days moisture oil scrub next so hopefully that will be a little gentler. It definitely did a good job.. there's no denying that. But I'm not digging the stinging sensation! lol xxo


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