Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Not So Much Junk (mail)!

Every single time I go in my inbox I am guaranteed to be bombarded with email upon email of complete junk. 'Helena, reclaim your PPI in 30 seconds!' and 'This is your lucky day. You've won $317 million pound jackpot' are just some of the spam I get sent all the time. However, hidden between the waste-of-time email and the how-did-you-get-this-adress spam is my favourite kind of mail, the kind of mail that I always look forward to opening and taking a peek at - beauty mail.

Getting emails from the likes of Beautybay, Feel Unique and Escentual are almost always welcome. They come jam-packed with amazing new launches and awesome discount codes. For example, if you look carefully at the top of your Feel Unique emails you will spot on occasion a number of codes for free samples that I never really noticed until very recently. 

Warning: opening these emails is not good for your bank balance.

I am almost guaranteed to find something I want in these beauty bulletins. And although they are still classed as junk mail to some, they are the hidden pleasures of cleaning out my inbox to me. Above are the items I have my eye on from this week's selection of mail.

Don't get me started on the Liberty emails I get. They persuade you to spend £150 so that you can have the ultimate gift with your order. Oh believe me Liberty, I would if the bank balance allowed.

For now I'll just keep buying lottery tickets in the hope that one day I will be able to fund my beauty mail habbits.

One day Liberty. One day.

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