Saturday, 28 September 2013

Let's Bake: Millionaires' Shortbread

It feels like it has been forever since I have done a 'Let's Bake' post. I think it's because I realised that baking every week and eating the goodies would seriously make me pile on the pounds. For that reason I stopped for a bit and then went on holiday. All in all, everything got a bit crazy. However I am happy to say that I got my baking hat back on this week and made some yummy Millionaires' Shortbread. There are definitely things I would do differently next time I make it but overall it turned out pretty well.

If you want to make some yourself or are just interested to see how mine turned out, look no further than below these words :)

These are the ingredients that I used. If you would like to see a full list of ingredients plus the measurements required to make these shortbreads, you can click here for the recipe that I followed.

So I got my 'Jamie's 15 minute meals' head on, as per usual, and weighed everything before I started.

The first step is to mix the flour and the sugar together which I just did with a wooden spoon. You can do this with your fingers but I generally don't like getting my hands into the food unless I really have to...

Having said that, the next step is to rub the softened butter into the flour-sugar mixture until you get fine breadcrumbs. This can take a while, and if you're anything like me you'll end up with hand cramp! It's funny that dad only offered to help when the job was pretty much done. Haha. Typical. So much for baking together :P

After you've done that you need to press the breadcrumbs together to form a dough. At this point I forgot to take photos so I shall skip to the part where the dough is in the tray!

If you lightly grease the tray you're using it will make the shortbread easier to remove later.

I thought that I was going to end up making two trays but in the end I made one. Unfortunately this meant that I had to add one dough ball on top of another which is why you can see a different section in the middle. Whoopsies.

Anyways just squidge it down any way you can and prick it with a fork before popping it in the oven for around 20 minutes, or until its lightly golden brown.

Tada!!! Time to let the shortbread cool before applying the caramel.

At this point you probably should make caramel, just not if you're me apparently. Dad and I figured that it would be way to difficult to do that, so we bought tinned caramel instead - cheaters! It turned out to be not such a wise idea because this caramel doesn't really set. We had to stick ours in the freezer so that it would go hard enough to apply the melted chocolate on top. Haha.

We would definitely make our own caramel next time, so I would click on the link at the start of this post to find out how to make that :)

When the caramel was set we simply melted some chocolate in a bowl over a simmering pan of water. Once that was melted we smoothed it on top of everything. Licking the spatular was heaven! Bakers benefits!

This went back into the fridge to set and came out looking like.....

THIS! Yay, it worked! But that's not a very pretty plate...

That's much better :) So there we have it... My beginners attempt at Millionaires' Shortbread. If you have a go, please let me know in the comments below how you get on! Especially if you make you're own caramel!

I hope you are all having a glorious weekend and I'll talk to you tomorrow :)


  1. Looks so delicious. I almost wish i liked caramel haha xx

    1. Aha, maybe you could make it with melted marshmellow instead of something? xxo

  2. That looks soooo delicious!!! I really want to give this a try!

    1. It tastes delicious too :) Let me know how you get on :) xxo

  3. Replies
    1. Hehe, awesome. Let me know how you get on :) xxo

  4. I have tried to make this before but burnt the caramel as I made it from scratch. Definitely buying the canned version next time! Yours looks delicious!

    1. That's what I was worried about which is why I bought that tinned stuff. But i definitely think if you can make your own it would be better because the caramel squirts everywhere when you try to cut it since it isn't set. Oh wells, it tastes good so that's all that matters. lol xxo

  5. OMG, that looks heavenly! Thanks for sharing it!
    xx, Gina

  6. omg,it looks soo yummy!!
    giveaway on my blog:

    1. Hehe it was. Thanks for letting me know :) xxo


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