Sunday, 15 September 2013

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Serum

My hair has been been playing silly devils with me the last month or so. It just doesn't want to stay sleek and nice looking. Half way through the day I find myself playing with the ends and distressing at how dry and horrible they look. My hair was just generally looking like a huge frizz-ball mess. So on my discovery to find out how to get smooth hair, I tested out John Frieda's new smoothing range and completely fell in love. This stuff has made my locks feel so soft and nourished again. Crazy-mad medusa hair days are long gone. I just wish that I'd tried this stuff sooner.

First I washed my hair twice with the Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo for Extra Dry Hair*. This smelt really nice. Nothing that completely blew me away but it had a generally pleasant scent. The formulation contains olive oil to help smooth out the hair and tame that unruly frizz.

Unfortunately it does include sulphates but pretty much all of my shampoos do. I know that it's better for your locks if you try to avoid sulphates, but my hair feels so incredible after using this product that I can't help but want to use it again. If I try to shampoo hair as thick as mine without that sulphate element, I generally get into a huge knot. My hair doesn't feel clean and it's impossible to wash without any lather which is what the sulphate helps to create. Until I find something that's sulphate free and works for me, I have no guilt in continuing to use products like this.

Next I conditioned my locks with the Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair*. This was another really lovely step. It smelt very similar to the shampoo and generally felt quite moisturising and luxurious. It felt a little more difficult to wash out but nothing too drastic.

Finally I finished with the Original Formula Hair Serum*. The directions say to use this product in the shower on soaking wet hair. You are advised to apply one pump to the lengths of your locks and apply more as required with thickness and length but to use sparingly. Well, when I pumped one shot of this serum into my hand there was literally nothing there. I think this could be due to the sample size not dispensing as much. Therefore I ended up pumping 6 or 7 pumps and then praying it wasn't too much as I applied it to the lengths and ends. However I think that this is the stage that really made the difference. It is a heat protectant so I used this product on it's own before styling and drying my hair. It literally made my locks feel so sleek and baby soft that I was addicted within about 5 minutes of turning on my hair dryer. I absolutely love this stuff and can't wait to get my hands on the full-sized product! It's not too heavy/oily/greasy. It just melted into my hair and left me with the exact desired look I was after - healthy, sleek and nourished locks.

These products are a definite winner in my eyes. I certainly will be buying the full size and definitely recommend you check them out. You won't be disappointed! If you're on Youtube soon watching all of those fabulous beauty guru's, why not head over to John Frieda's Youtube channel as they post a bunch of great videos on there about how to style your locks and what are the best products to use which is super helpful as well.

John Frieda Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo* and Conditioner* - £5.99 from Boots
John Frieda Original Formula Hair Serum* - £6.29 from Boots


  1. They sound great! Such a well written review.. I am actually reviewing these soon too, cant wait to try!.. xx

    1. Thanks hun. They are literally amazing. Completely changed my haircare routine now! xxo


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