Monday, 2 September 2013

HELP! I'm having a perfume gender crisis!

Today's post is a little different to the usual reviews I do. I have a topic to discuss/story to share and really wanted to get your opinion on it. You may wonder where the image is for this post but don't worry, all will be revealed... just don't scroll down

As many of you may know, I recently went on holiday to NYC. Being the perfume addict that I am, I couldn't bare to travel without a bottle to make me feel at home on the other side of the pond. I decided to be good and take the smallest one I had so that it didn't weigh to much in the suitcase. After all, that would be taking up valuable shopping weight for the trip home! I ended up packing Thierry Muglur Alien 20 Year Limited Edition. It was only 30 ml and seemed like the perfect option.

Unfortunately when I reached the other end, I unzipped my suitcase to reveal a perfume that had exploded all over the plastic bag I cleverly enclosed it in... not impressed. Needless to say I wasn't going to open up that bag and smell like I'd fallen into a fountain of perfume. The only choice was to leave it as it was and power on with deodorant by my side.

Due to the deadly heat between the tall skyscrapers of NY and the 20,000+ steps a day, deodorant didn't seem to cut it by the evening. At this point I was wondering what to do when I remembered throwing a perfume sample in my handbag a while back. Praying that it was still there, I opened up the zipper pocket in my quilted black side-bag and revealed a saviour in the form of a Prada sampler. After a few spritz I felt fresh as a daisy and couldn't believe how great the scent was. It was love at first sniff and so the story begins.

I couldn't stop asking people if they liked the scent I was wearing, to which they all agreed and I knew that I needed to have a full-sized bottle in my life immediately. Duty free felt like the perfect time to indulge myself by adding another perfume to my already swollen collection. I was on a one-woman mission for that Prada stand. No man nor child would get in my way.

I scoured the Prada stall once, then again, then walked around the store.. three times, then scoured the stall again. My perfume was no where to be found. I had not calculated for this error in stock levels and was left feeling a little lost. I couldn't remember when I was given the sample either so I didn't know if it was exclusive to a store like Selfridges or not. My heart was a little broken but I soon healed it with another scented beauty which I will reveal in my American Haul on Friday. At least I didn't fly home empty handed and I'm happy to reveal this one didn't combust due to air pressure!

I was wondering what to write for today's post when my boyfriend suggested that I reviewed the perfume sample I fell so deeply in love with. I quickly declined the idea as I had nothing to take a photo of due to my lack of success in duty free. However, being a huge perfume bottle junkie, I googled straight away to find out what my treasure looked like in full size. I was presented with this:

It's a men's fragrance.
Say whaaaaat?!

How can this be? Not a single person I asked said it smelt even remotely manly. When I told my boyfriend that it was a male fragrance he couldn't believe it either. But now, the more I smell it, the more I associate it with being a cologne. Go figure!

I know that many girls enjoy male fragrances a lot more than female ones. One famous example would be Paco Rabanne's One Million Cologne which many women prefer over the Lady Million version. But now that my mind is tainted with the understanding that this fragrance and I were not destined to live long and prosper, I feel a little disconcerted. I'm not sure whether I should buy it as I'm scared that I run the risk of smelling like a fabulously-smelling boy, but a boy nevertheless!

What are your opinions on this? Should we divide scents up by gender or do you think you should wear what you like regardless of who it is made for? Let me know in the comments below. Definitely do go and smell this scent too. I'd love to know if you think it smells manly or not. It probably will now you all know it's for men but I promise you beforehand it just smelt like the next addition to my ever-expanding collection.


  1. I think people should wear whatever they want! I think we only associate scents with genders because we're used to it and the bottles make it easy to know who a scent is marketed at. But I personally love Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male and have worn it, and that's probably quite a 'manly' scent in most people's eyes! xoo

    1. Ah I like that! My boyfriend wears it! I agree :) Should wear whatever you like xxo


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