Sunday, 8 September 2013

Chanel Coco Noir Eau De Parfum

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that I ended up adding to my perfume collection when I was on holiday this year. Duty free tends is generally guaranteed to pull me in with their great deals and I can't help but make a cheeky purchase before heading home. This year I really wanted a specific Prada perfume which I discussed in a post a few days ago. Because I couldn't find it for reasons discovered later, I ended up purchasing Coco Noir by Chanel which was a real treat!

I've wanted this perfume since it launched around Christmas/New Year last year. I smelt a sample in a magazine and instantly fell in love with it's mature, sexy evening musk. Unfortunately Chanel perfumes are incredibly expensive so I haven't got my hands on it until now. Don't get me wrong, it still cost an arm and a leg in duty free but I managed to scrape the money together for it. I'm really pleased that I did because it makes me feel so special just looking at it.

It definitely has that typical Chanel fragrance. It reminds me a lot of Chanel No5 as I think it shares a lot of the same notes. 

The notes are:
Top Notes: Grapefruit and Bergamot
Middle Notes: Jasmine and Rose
Base Notes: Patchouli and Sandalwood

All of these notes apart from Grapefruit are included in Chanel No5 which is probably why I see such a comparison in them. If you look at different websites such as Fragrantica, you are given a lot more notes for this perfume. However I chose to stick by what was described on the Chanel website instead.

Normally I don't specify a perfume to daytime or evening. If it smells like one or the other I will still wear it regardless but this one is very evening I feel. As suggested by the name, it definitely has darker, muskier feel to it that make it a little to heavy for day time in my eyes.

The perfume definitely goes on quite strong. Once you have worn it for about 5-10 minutes it does settle down and then is when the floral notes start to come through. I find it to be a very classic, heady Chanel fragrance and one which could be easily recognised by another person. But in all honesty, my boyfriend liked it so that was good enough for me. Sold.

I now can't wait for the perfume gift sets to come out at Christmas so I can splurge on a few for a couple of people and spread the perfume joy :)

Chanel Coco Noir Eau De Parfum - $93 for 50ml in Duty Free


  1. I love the bottle it is so classic! This sounds lovely but it's a tad expensive for me!

    1. Yeah it's definitely on the pricey side so I can understand that. Took me forever to buy it myself but I'm glad i have xxo


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