Sunday, 22 September 2013

Birchbox Review - NOTD - Révérence de Bastien Nail Lacquer No14

I painted my nails with this nail polish on Friday morning. It is now Sunday afternoon and three of my nails have already chipped quite severely. Even though I used my trusty top coat, Séché Vite, it clearly made no difference whatsoever.

I actually really love the colour of this polish and the formulation didn't seem bad to me at first. It applied quite nicely and wasn't overly streaky. The brush was a little thin which means you have to apply the polish in 3 strokes to the nail, but that's fine. It was still relatively easy to apply the polish neatly. After two coats the lacquer was completely opaque and I was quite pleased with it over all.

If it hadn't chipped so easily, this would have become one of my staple nail polishes this season. However I feel that this is incredibly overpriced for what it is. I can buy an Essie polish for around half the price, apply 3 coats and it wouldn't chip for a good 5 days. I haven't done any manual work that would mean my nails chipping sooner than usual, so I'm left feeling a bit disappointed.

How did you get on with your nail polish?

Révérence de Bastien Nail Lacquer in No14 - £16 from Birchbox


  1. Shame it chipped so easily x

  2. Gorgeous colour it's just a shame that it chipped so soon :(

    1. I absolutely love this shade for Autumn. The L'oreal polish I mention in my Autumn Nail Polishes video on Youtube is a very similar shade but much better in formulation :) xxo


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