Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Yves Rocher Sunkissed Glow Cheek Stain

This is another one of those products where it's taken me a while to test it out. As soon as I saw stain in the title, I immediately freaked out. It's one thing to rub on a bit of wash off fake tan for a lovely summer look, but it's a complete other to willingly stain you face and have to go ahead and live with the consequences. But it turns out that this Cheek Stain* isn't quite as scary as it seems. I should have known this would be the case, considering it's Yves Rocher and this brand next to never lets me down.

Plus, the box that the bottle of stain comes in is super cute right? Reminds me of a tropic rain forest and definitely makes me want to go away to Hawaii and lay on a beach with flowers in my hair.

The product comes with a box as some of the description and instructions can't fit on the bottle. Having said that, the box explains that you can pop a bit of the brown liquid onto a cotton pad and smooth over  your face and decollete for a beautiful bronzed look. You can also shake up the bottle for a nice iridescent finish to your skin - multi-task already? Like it.

Here it is! Looks a bit scary right? Now you know why I wasn't ready to rub this product all over my face willy-nilly!

This is what the product looks like when it's been shaken. There is fine gold shimmer in the liquid that creates the iridesences. It's so fine that once applied you will barely notice. It's only when the light hits your skin that you will notice a very subtle glow. No chunky glitter folks. Thank god! I for one don't want to be walking around like a school disco ball.

And voila! This is the tan that it gives you. It's such a nice, natural golden colour! I was chuffed to say the least. Plus it's ridiculously easy to apply. You simply tip a bit of the water solution onto a cotton pad and then swipe it over the skin until you're happy with the result. It's incredibly easy to work with and dries instantly. What I would say is that if you're fair skinned like me, theres going to be a stark contrast between where you put this and where you haven't.

If you're using it to bronze up your face when you're already tanned from holiday, the contrast might not be so much of an issue. However if you wish to use this for a subtle glow whilst chilling in your winter skin, you might need to do a bit of blending around the edges. I made the rookie error of doing this with my finger and whilst it did a brilliant job, I did end up with stained fingers so that's not such a great look. Maybe pop on some plastic gloves or if possible try using a tan mitt though it might be quite difficult considering how big they are.

With regards to how long the stain lasts or how well it washes off, this isn't too much of an issue. I tested this product on my hands first as you can see and washing them wouldn't take the stain off. I had to use soap and work at cleaning my hands for a few minutes before it came off. This is both a good and a bad thing. If it rains, you'll probably be ok and your face won't streak, so long as you didn't put on too much. But on the other hand, don't expect to just wash this off easily at the end of the day.. A little scrubbing might be required which is why it may be best to just let it fade by itself.

Either way, this product has really shocked me. I've gone from thinking you apply this to your cheeks like you would do with Benetint or Posietint, to realising that this actually could be the best face tan I've ever discovered. Definitely worth picking up and trying out!

Let me know if you've tried any Yves Rocher products and what you liked the most in the comments below.

Yves Rocher Sunkissed Glow Cheek Stain* - £7.50 from Yves Rocher

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  1. I was so excited to read your review. I have been looking for a true "stain" to tan my face since Benefit did away with "Glamazon". I love putting in on when I am heading out for the evening but it also works perfectly at the beach or the pool, since it doesn't rinse off easily. You can look like you have a tan and put sunscreen on top and it doesn't wash off when you swim. I haven't tried this yet but what I used to do with Glamazon was take a foundation sponge, get it wet, wring it out (so sponge is barely damp), put a few stain drops on the sponge and swish it around my face. You have to rinse the sponge out well when you are done but this helps spread the product well and pretty much protects your fingers.


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