Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Yves Rocher Grande Rouge Lipstick in 41 Corail Etincelant

I have a love hate relationship with coral lipstick. It loves to hate me. I simply haven't been able to find one that suits my skin tone and doesn't make me look extremely ill or just generally blotchy. I had even come to grips with the fact that this beautiful spring/summer colour would just never work for me. Then Yves Rocher Corail Etincelant* struts into my life and I'm put well and truly in my place.

Oh hello beautiful lipstick, where have you been all this time?!

I'm already familiar with Yves Rocher skincare products as I fell in love with their Repair Lotion sometime last year when they were just breaking the UK. However it is only recently that I found out they'd released a whole bunch of beautiful cosmetics which I needed to get my mitts on.

This lipstick is from their Grande Rouge range which is stunning in itself. They have a few different formulations which I'm dying to try now that I've discovered this one.

 I love that the packaging is still unique from all other lipstick packaging. Even slight details like the slanted cover make the biggest difference. The packaging almost resembles the shape of a lipstick itself.

What shocks me is that I like the mirrored effect. You know that I don't like surfaces that collect fingerprints, but this one doesn't seem to bad. This lipstick is so pretty that it could be in muddy green packaging with multi-coloured polkadots all over and I would still think it's the bee's knees.

Corail Etincelant, which I believe means 'Sparkling Coral' in french, is simply the most stunning orange-peach colour that you will discover in this lifetime. I mean seriously, look below. Isn't that the most flawless colour you have ever seen? It has completely transformed my opinion on coral and we have now become best buddies. But trust me, everyone needs this buddy in their life.

It wears beautifully and lasts for such a long time. You would obviously expect some fading after eating or drinking, but as long as you blot and reapply this the first time you put it on, fading is average all over the lips which makes it look a lot more natural. Lipstick that fades from the inside and leaves you with a rim of colour on the edge doesn't suit anyone.

It feels like a Cremesheen and looks like one. Huge thumbs up for that because it's my favourite formula of Mac lipstick. I feel that I need to get a lip pencil to go with this colour, so if you have any recommendations I'd love it if you could leave them in the comments below. They do have some lip pencils with Shea Butter on the Yves Rocher website, but they went in the sale for 54% off and the colours that are left probably wouldn't couple well with this shade. Speaking of which, they are having a huge sale at the moment so I would definitely get a wiggle on there to snap up some beauty bargains.

Unfortunately this product isn't included in the sale as it is a brand new release. The price tag is pretty expensive if you ask me. It's more than a Mac lipstick which I feel should never happen unless it's a brand like Chanel or Tom Ford or something. It's another splurge-on-pay-day item but I really do completely recommend it if you're into your coral lipsticks and are looking for something new and different to try.

Thanks Yves Rocher. You've changed my cosmetic life :)

Yves Rocher Grande Rouge Lipstick in Corail Etincelant - £19 from Yves Rocher


  1. This looks so beautiful on you! What a perfect coral.

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Isn't it beautiful?! By the way, I've been loving reading your blog recently. Added it to my 'Blogs I love' section at the top if you wanted to check it out :) xxo

  2. I really love coral lipsticks even though everyone is trying to get me to change. There was the most perfect coral lipstick by Cargo that is no longer available. I was smart enough to stock up and I am down to 1 tube left. I MUST fin my HG Coral lipstick.

    Maybe this is it? Is it possible?

    The color looks great on you.

    1. Oh no. I hate it when brands discontinue colours you love. That happened with one of my favourite Rimmel polishes. Definitely check this out. It's my HG coral for sure xxo


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