Monday, 15 July 2013

This Month's Instyle - Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara

I like the Rituals brand. I feel that it doesn't get enough recognition for how lovely it is. Their range of spray shower gels are really great. I use the Yogi Flow Rose and Sweet Almond version on a daily basis and it smells absolutely divine, but I have never used their cosmetics and can't really understand why.

Therefore when I saw that Instyle were giving away a free Rituals mascara with their magazine this month I had to pick one up. It's completely exceeded my expectations and I absolutely adore using this product. You definitely need to go and pick one up if you're interested in voluminous mascara.

The wand is reasonably small. I can't decide if that's because it's a tester sample or whether the full size comes with a wand this size too. Either way, I really like it as it fits nicely into the base of my lashes and corners.

The packaging is simple and really appealing. I like the simplicity of the design. Sometimes less really is more.

This is quite a natural looking mascara. It's one of those products that enhances what you already have without making you look like you're wearing product. It does an outstanding job of creating volume in my lashes, although it's not that great with length. It could be a nice mascara to layer with the likes of L'oreal Telescopic or similar to give you that extra boost.

It's been extremely hot in the UK recently but this mascara doesn't seem to budge. It doesn't smudge or flake, even when your face is getting a bit sweaty, which I find amazing! It's a true testimony to how good this mascara really is. Having said that, it's also the easiest product to remove and doesn't make your eyelashes crispy at all. It's kind of a dream come true!

The magazine comes with 20% off all Rituals products so I'm definitely going to head and buy some more skincare and cosmetics. If everything is as good as what I've already tried, they are on a roll!

What's your favourite Rituals product? Let me know in the comments below.

Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara - £13 full size from Rituals


  1. I didn't pick this up as I thought I'd wait to see some reviews first. It looks really nice on your lashes, but I think I'd prefer a thicker formula xx

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. I normally do too but the volume this gives my lashes is amazing. I really like it :) You can always layer it for a thicker formula xxo

  2. Wow, that mascara is amazing. I love how natural it is. Your eyelashes look seriously incredible!

    1. It's completely gorgeous. Such a great way to get voluminous natural lashes xxo


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