Wednesday, 10 July 2013

This Month's Cosmo: Nip & Fab 365 Day Glow Fix Clear Tanning Gel in Medium

The magazines have definitely been dishing out the fake tan this year in the hope to get us all bronzed and glowing for our summer holidays. This is the second fake tan freebie I've managed to get my hands on and this time it came with this month's Cosmopolitan.

I've never tried anything by Nip & Fab before so I was initially just excited to try out the brand. However when I realised that it is one of the more simple tanners, I was even more pleased. I'm not one that likes to apply it and then wait four hours before going in the shower and washing off the residue. Not only do I feel like i'm going to crease the wet tan during that four hour wait, but I always shower before a tan and the thought of then going straight back in the shower a few hours later is a bit off putting and a waste of valuable time in my eyes. This tan is very easy to use! You simply massage in the clear tan gel and then let it dry. Over the next four hours your tan is meant to intensify but there is no washing off afterwards which I love!

This tan also has other special benefits included in it. The gel contains white tea to brighten and refresh the skin, as well as vitamin E to moisturise and protect the skins surface. It is suitable for both your face and body but I have only ever applied this on my body. Therefore I cannot talk about experiences with this tan on the face.

When I first applied it, I wanted to be very thorough in making sure that I didn't miss any spots on my body. Since this is a clear gel, I figured I'd have a huge issue with knowing where I had tanned and where I had missed. However this seemed to be no issue really. I just massaged it in like a moisturiser and away I went.

To start with it didn't really have a biscuity smell which was a major plus. However around the three hour mark it did start to create that scent which was a bit disappointing. I applied this tan in the evening and by the next day the scent had completely disappeared.

I exfoliated thoroughly in the shower before applying this product to make sure that the coverage was as even as possible. However I still managed to get a bit of uneven coverage on my feet which was very strange. It is probably the way I massaged in the product but I would definitely recommend being cautious to make sure you apply this well to your tootsies.

The tan I picked up was in the shade medium. I thought this might be a bit dark for me to start with as I am very fair, but I was actually very shocked with how light the tan was. I definitely had a subtle golden glow but it was nothing like the bronze colour I was expecting. I found this a little disappointing but at the same time I was glad that I didn't go orange or that the colour was overbearing and unnatural.

The next time I went in the shower I exfoliated again and the tan completely disappeared. Therefore I would definitely say you have to apply this on a regular basis if you want to get any amount of decent colour from it.

Personally I think I will stick to my St Tropez Gradual Tan Firming Plus as I feel that it gives me slightly better colour and doesn't wash off immediately. But if you see this tan included with Cosmopolitan this month, I would say it's worth giving it a try!

Nip & Fab 365 Day Glow Fix Clear Tanning Gel - £7.95 for 200ml from Boots


  1. Ooh I nearly picked up this magazine for this freebie! I'm absolutely terrible at tanning my feet, it always goes wrong haha :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Haha standard. I do that sometimes but i always buy the mags regardless :) Feet tanning is officially hard! lol xxo


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